Ahashare ‘Disappears’ After Domain Name Suspension


The popular torrent site Ahashare has been unreachable for more than a week now. The site's domain name is currently listed as "suspended" by the registrar, hinting at possible legal issues. The site's operators have remained silent on the issue, and it's unclear if the site will return anytime soon.

Swedish Govt. Mulls Tougher Punishments to Tackle Pirate Sites


Authorities in Sweden are mulling new measures to deal with evolving 'pirate' sites. As part of a legislative review, the government wants to assess potential legal tools, including categorizing large-scale infringement as organized crime, tougher sentences, domain seizures, and site-blocking.

Tax Authority Grilled VLC Player Over Link From a Torrent Site

With more than two billion downloads, VLC is one of the most popular media players around. The open source tool can play virtually every video file available and comes recommended by many, including some pirate sites. The latter has drawn the attention of France's Tax Investigation Branch, which suggested that VideoLAN might be doing 'shady' deals. Luckily, they soon admitted their mistake.

BREIN Shuts Down ‘Pirate Cinema’ on Facebook


Anti-piracy group BREIN has shut down a popular Facebook page that acted as an online movie theater, live-streaming popular movies to tens of thousands of followers. The page in question was operated by a Dutch man who, faced with an ex parte court order, agreed to a €7,500 settlement.