Russia Asked ISPs to Block 13.5 Million Amazon IP Addresses to Silence One App


Zello rose to fame in August 2017 when the 'walkie-talkie' app was used by relief effort volunteers and those stranded in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The Russian government, however, wants to take the app down and this week it was revealed that the country's telecoms regulator told ISPs to prepare to block 15 million IP addresses, most belonging to Amazon, in order to do so.

Iflix Sees Piracy as Main Competitor, Not Netflix


With millions of subscribers throughout Asia and Africa, iflix is one of the leading video streaming services in emerging markets. While the company is up against streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon, it sees piracy as its main adversary.

Major Pirate Site Operators’ Sentences Increased on Appeal


Two men behind defunct pirate streaming site Swefilmer have had their sentences increased by the Court of Appeal in Sweden. The main operator was originally sentenced to three years in prison but is now required to serve a four-year sentence and pay additional damages. The second man has had his conditional sentence augmented with a fine.

Streaming Joshua v Parker is Illegal But Re-Streaming is the Real Danger

The Police Intellectual Property Unit and Federation Against Copyright Theft teamed up today to warn people against illegally streaming the upcoming Joshua v Parker fight. While receiving the bout without paying is against the law, casual pirates should be aware that it is the re-streaming of content on sites like Facebook that represents the largest threat.

UK Urges Online Intermediaries to Tackle Piracy, Or Else

In its newly released "Industrial Strategy" plan the UK government remains committed to protecting copyright holders. In addition to funding copyright education efforts, it will help to broker voluntary anti-piracy agreements between online services and copyright holders. If these efforts have produced no results by the end of the year, laws may be strengthened.

Google Adds ‘Kodi’ to Autocomplete Piracy Filter


Google has banned the term "Kodi" from the autocomplete feature of its search engine. This means that the popular software and related suggestions won't appear unless users type out the full term. Google has previously taken similar measures against "pirate" related terms and confirms that Kodi is targeted because it's "closely associated with copyright infringement."