Kim Dotcom Finally Launches Extradition Defense

After proceedings began in September, Kim Dotcom began his extradition hearing defense in New Zealand today. His legal team argued that U.S. prosecutors cherry-picked evidence, intentionally mis-translated discussions to make the entrepreneur look bad, and created criminal liability for service providers where none exists.

Pirate Sites and Their Users Are Suffering a Trademark Crisis


Coca-Cola. Pepsi. Nike. Apple. McDonalds. Imitating the brand images of any of these companies is likely to end in misery, as thousands of chancers have discovered over the years. They're all protected under trademark law, a mechanism that's designed not only to protect businesses but also their consumers. Users of…

PIA Runs VPN Traffic Through VPN to Avoid BitTorrent Ban

Several large datacenters are no longer allowing BitTorrent-heavy services on their networks. In response, VPN service provider Private Internet Access is routing traffic in a few countries through a separate VPN. While this may affect connection speeds, the provider prefers the option over an outright ban.

With Popcorn Time Faltering, Stremio Eyes the Top Spot


For more than a year, variants of the all-conquering Popcorn Time have made dozens of headlines as the smash-hit success story of Internet viewing. But now, with the main fork doomed and its major movie source gone for good, there's room at the top for a new contender. Stremio thinks…

YIFY/ YTS Shuts Down Forever – The End of a Piracy Icon

Popular torrent release group YIFY and its official YTS website have shut down permanently, trusted sources have confirmed to TorrentFreak. The unexpected shutdown marks the end of an era that started at the turn of the decade. More information about the precise circumstances will become public in the near future.

Should RuTracker Delete 320,000 Torrents to Pacify Record Labels?

Large Russian torrent site RuTracker is currently polling its users over an issue that has the potential to seriously affect its future. Should RuTracker delete around 320,000 torrents to pacify copyright holder groups, or should the site leave that content intact but face a nationwide and permanent ISP blockade? It's…