How Pirates Will Change The Entertainment Industry


The Internet is in its infancy. Electronic information still travels along copper wires left over from the industrial revolution, but the information age is about to hit puberty. Fiber optic cables are sprouting in unexpected places. The piracy and chaos we are collectively experiencing is growing pains.

European Politicians Launch Pro-Filesharing Campaign

Greens EFA, a coalition of two political parties that currently have 42 seats in the European parliament, have launched a pro-filesharing campaign named "I Wouldn't Steal". Their goal is to counter the anti-piracy propaganda put forward by the entertainment industry, and encourage people to download and share.

New Mvix Media Center Includes BitTorrent Client

What is a media center without a p2p-client, or more specifically, BitTorrent? This is exactly what the people over at Mvix must have thought when they started working on one of their latest models, the Mvix MX-780HD.

Director of ‘The Nines’ Talks to TorrentFreak About Piracy

Earlier this week we published an article where John August, the director of the hit movie 'The Nines' said that he wouldn't think bad of people who downloaded his movie using BitTorrent. We caught up with John who kindly shares some thoughts on piracy and reveals an innovative future plan.

The Pirate Bay: Demonoid is Welcome in Sweden

After two months of downtime, it is still uncertain whether Demonoid will ever return. However, if it is up to The Pirate Bay, it will. The Pirate Bay has recently offered 2 servers to the Demonoid team, in Sweden of course.

Trading BitTorrent Tracker Invites , Commodity or Curse?


In recent months, many private trackers have moved to an invite-based system in an attempt to try and weed out so-called 'bad peers'. They do this through a chain of trust. Many users, though, are attempting to use invites for their own profit, putting themselves and others into the firing…