ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Lawyers Are Copyright Infringers

Lawyers ACS:Law have entered the anti-piracy revenue generation scheme previously inhabited by Davenport Lyons. They write to alleged file-sharers demanding payment of hundreds of pounds or face legal action. However, those same individuals can point the finger straight back, since ACS:Law are copyright infringers themselves.

Pirate Bay Judge Indeed Handpicked

In the aftermath of the Pirate Bay verdict the controversy surrounding judge Tomas Norström grows bigger and bigger. Most recently, defense lawyer Per E Samuelsson sent a letter to the Appeal Court in which he explains that the younger generation has lost faith in the legal system because of the shady selection procedure.

Anti-Piracy Group Raids P2P Admin’s House Without Warrant

Ever since it became clear that running a P2P links site is not a crime in Spain, music anti-piracy group SGAE have threatened civil action. Yesterday the admin of two P2P sites had a home visit by members of SGAE, who took advantage of the admin's legal naivety and conducted a search of his property without a suitable warrant.

Pirate Party Backed by Sweden’s Most Prolific Writer

In their race for one or more seats in the European Parliament, the Swedish Pirate Party has gathered support from all layers of society, including some well known public figures. One of them is Lars Gustafsson, one of Sweden's most prolific writers, who openly expressed his support for the Pirate Party today.

Operation Jackal: Police Track Down Charity Song Pirates

In Italy artists and musicians made a charity song to raise money for victims of the recent earthquake. Like most music these days the song found its way onto P2P networks before its official release. Italy's answer to the RIAA reported the situation to the police, who are now reporting they have tracked down and arrested the leakers.

Bye Bye FeedMyTorrents, Hello ShowRSS

This month, FeedMyTorrents finally closed down after legal threats got too much for the owners. Determined to make the shows go on, some individuals have developed a new site to fill the hole FMT left behind, and they have told TorrentFreak that they will never succumb to legal threats.

Swedish Minister Takes Anti Pirate Bay Stance

In an unexpected move, the Swedish Minister of Culture said in a speech that she's happy with the sentences handed out to the defendants in the Pirate Bay trial. Her comments on an ongoing court case go too far, and are probably unconstitutional according to critics. Music industry insiders, on the other hand, cheered during her speech.