Pirate Party Canada Set For Federal Approval

New Pirate Parties are popping up all around the world, putting copyright, censorship and privacy issues on the political agenda. The Canadian Pirate Party is eager to join in. They are currently seeking federal approval and need just a few more members to become registered as an official political party.

French Opposition to Challenge 3 Strikes in Court

After its initial adoption in May and subsequent striking down by France’s highest legal authority, the Hadopi “3 strikes” law was accepted in July by the Senate, and last week it was passed in the National Assembly. The legislation was finally approved in parliament yesterday, but the opposition immediately announced a fresh court challenge.

Sir Elton John Joins Anti-Piracy Lobby

Over the past months the UK government has tried to tackle the issue of online piracy. This has resulted in a proposal from Lord Mandelson, who plans to disconnect alleged file sharers without any judicial process. His plans are backed by several musicians, Sir Elton John being the latest to join the lobby.

UK Anti-Piracy Plans Cost More Than Music Industry ‘Losses’

As the UK file-sharing debate reaches fever pitch, with opinionated artists being shipped in by the bus load to condemn it, inevitably attention is turning to the costs associated with trying to end it. According to a boss at ISP BT, not only are the government's plans doomed to fail, but could end up costing ISPs a staggering £1m a day.

Pirate Bay Suitor Wants BPI Director On Its Board

Despite seemingly insurmountable problems experienced with its proposed purchase of The Pirate Bay, Global Gaming Factory continues to surprise. Today it has announced that it will call a meeting for the election of new board members. Those suggested are music industry veterans and include a BPI council member.

File-Sharing Heroine Lilly Allen is a Copyright Hypocrite

The war against file-sharing has found a new figure-head. After she wrote an interesting post on MySpace, singer Lilly Allen's words have been relayed around the world - she has even started a new blog where many artists are supporting her. But what if the new face of anti-piracy was just as bad as those she criticizes?

Pirate Bay Appeal Judge Faces Ban, Works For Spotify

After The Pirate Bay Four were found guilty earlier this year they appealed, and the date for the new trial was set for November. Now it seems that one of the planned lay judges could be disqualified from participation, since he is an employee of Swedish music outfit Spotify - a company partly owned by the plaintiffs.