The Pirate Bay Dashboard Widget for the Mac

The Pirate Bay has released a widget that puts a list of the top 10 torrents from any (or all) of the categories on the popular BitTorrent site on your Mac Dashboard. In addition they announce the upcoming release of a public API for their website.

uTorrent WebUI For The iPhone

The iPhone has no built-in BitTorrent client yet, but you can use it to access uTorrent remotely from anywhere in the world. The iPhone web interface for uTorrent makes it easy to manage your torrents when you're away from your desktop computer.

MovieX Leeches From The BitTorrent Community


The private BitTorrent tracker Moviex has been setup and configured to leech from public BitTorrent users. Through some clever modifications, their tracker allows non-members to seed to the private tracker, while downloading is forbidden. To Launch New BitTorrent Tracker Script, one of the private BitTorrent trackers that aims to be a replacement for OiNK, also has plans to replace the slightly outdated TBSource script. When ready, it will be released to the public under either a GPLv3 or AGPL license.

The Pirate Bay Sued Over O.J. Simpson’s ‘Murder Confession’

Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman who was murdered alongside Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994, has joined the long line of people threatening legal action against The Pirate Bay. Goldman demands that they take down O. J Simpson's 'murder confession' book, a publication to which he owns the rights.