Piracy Will Earn Hurt Locker More Than the Box Office

Hollywood often complains that unauthorized downloads are causing the industry to lose huge sums of money. The makers of The Hurt Locker discovered that this doesn't always have to be the case. Through an extortion-like scheme, The Hurt Locker is set to make more money from settlements with BitTorrent users than it ever made at the box office.

Police Probe Pair Over Phony Pirate Porn Privacy Plunder

Earlier this year, malware which purported to be an erotic PC game punished file-sharers who believed they were downloading the real thing. Instead of endless hours of digital titillation, unlucky pirates had their personal details published on the Internet and had to pay a fee to have them removed. Now police have arrested two men in connection with this unusual fraud.

Newzbin Resurrection: Interview With The Mysterious Mr White

As the Newzbin resurrection saga continues, the boss of Team R Dogs has been answering a whole range of questions about the site's return. More than $40,000 has been invested in the project so far, a coder hired and they aren't scared of the MPA either. "We’ll just do a Pirate Bay on them," they say. "We can run faster than them and shapeshift."

Hurt Locker Makers Sue 5000 BitTorrent Users

A few weeks ago the makers of the Oscar-winning movie Hurt Locker indicated that they would sue tens of thousands of U.S. BitTorrent users. In a classic ‘pay up or else’ scheme, the first 5,000 victims have now been officially reported to court. If ISPs cooperate these downloaders can expect a settlement request in their mailboxes soon.

KTorrent First BitTorrent Client To Adopt Open Source uTP

The KDE BitTorrent client KTorrent has become the first to implement the 'improved' BitTorrent protocol that was open sourced by BitTorrent Inc. a few days ago. With uTP, KTorrent users should cause less network congestion and interference with other applications. They are also the first to benefit from faster connections to uTorrent users.

IRMA Strongarms Mobile ISPs To Disconnect File-Sharers

After confirming last week it was going ahead with partner Eircom to start disconnecting alleged file-sharers from the Internet, music industry group IRMA has begun to spread its net even wider. It is now in advanced negotiations with two mobile ISPs to implement the same scheme and and will take legal action against two more.

Vuze Device Playback Serves Over 100 Million Videos

Over the last year Vuze's BitTorrent client has evolved into an all-in-one download solution. With built in search, device integration and DVD-burning capabilities the Vuze team has set itself aside from other BitTorrent clients. With more than 100 million videos transferred to iTunes, game consoles and TiVo, device integration has proven to be a popular feature among Vuze users.

Supreme Court Rules Pirate Bay Must Stay Blocked

More than 2 years ago the IFPI and other copyright groups brought action against Danish ISP Telenor demanding that it should block its subscribers from accessing The Pirate Bay. Following a hearing which began a week ago, the Supreme Court in Denmark has just ruled that The Pirate Bay must continue to be blocked, upholding previous rulings by lower courts.