IFPI and Antipiratbyrån Face File-Sharing Data Scrutiny

Over the next few days, a public authority protecting citizens' data privacy will carry out checks on the offices of music industry group IFPI and anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån. Lawyers and a security specialist will conduct an audit to ensure they are handling information they hold on suspected file-sharers in the correct manner.

Court Refuses To Order Shutdown of OpenBitTorrent

Last month, the Swedish ISP Portlane was sued by several Hollywood movie studios for hosting OpenBitTorrent, claiming that the tracker is a re-branded copy of one previously operated by The Pirate Bay. Now the Stockholm District Court has rejected calls to order the shutdown of the tracker.

Spain Mulls Legislation To Shutdown File-Sharing Sites

While there is less will to penalize file-sharers in Spain, the same cannot be said about the sites that facilitate their downloading. Under current law, file-sharing sites of all types have flourished in recent years, but new legislation being mulled could close loopholes and allow them to be disconnected, without the need for a court order.

GGF Turnover Up 270% and Renewed Interest in Pirate Bay

In its interim report for the third quarter of 2009, Global Gaming Factory, the company that tried to buy The Pirate Bay earlier this year, reports that its turnover has increased by 270%. While it refers to the decision to close the site's tracker as a lost opportunity, it is not ruling out buying the world's most resilient BitTorrent site.

Anti-Piracy Group Refuses Bait, DRM Breaker Goes To Police

In order to force a change in the law, last month a man reported himself for breaching copyright more than a hundred times, hoping an anti-piracy group would take him to court. The group's lawyer said they would respond by today - they haven't - so the Danish copyfighter is now reporting himself to the police.

Aussie Pirate Party To Shake Up Politics Down Under

This year, Pirate Parties have emerged all around the world, putting copyright, censorship and privacy issues on the political agenda. Down under the Australian Pirate Party is eager to join in. They are currently seeking 500 founding members in order to become registered as an official political party.

TorrentFreak TV, A Double Episode

After the usual delay TorrentFreak TV returns with two brand new episodes combined into one. This week’s episode covers the continuing Pirate Bay soap, Google's Onebox, Hulu's subscriptions, DHT, PEX and a lot more.

Lessons The Next Big Torrent Sites Will Learn From Mininova

When Mininova announced last week that they would comply with a tough court order, many BitTorrent users feared that this signaled the end of big public torrent sites. In fact, in common with the earlier Grokster decision, the verdict actually lays out clearer ground rules for those running file-sharing services.