Mininova Welcomes 1000th Premium Publisher

Everyone can upload torrents to Mininova, but not everyone knows that the site also has a content distribution platform for premium publishers. The service is aimed at indie publishers who want to promote their works to the millions of BitTorrent users, free of charge. Today, Mininova welcomes the 1000th publisher.

Controversy as Google Ads Appear on IsoHunt

IsoHunt is one of the world's largest BitTorrent sites. For quite a while the site has been displaying Google ads through Today there is controversy, as several large companies found out that their ads have been appearing on IsoHunt. Among them, Sony BMG, artist sponsor StatoilHydro and Norwegian online…

Italy to Follow French 3 Strikes Model for P2P

After high-level discussions on the piracy situation in 2008, the Italian government has announced the signing of an agreement which will see it collaborate with the French on the issue. Of concern to those sharing files online, Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi says Italy will follow the "French model".

All Major Canadian ISPs Slow Down P2P Traffic

Net neutrality really is the hot topic at the moment. After the FCC slapped Comcast for slowing down BitTorrent users, Canada is now looking into the network management practices of its ISPs. And rightly so, as a CRTC investigation reveals that most of the ISPs in Canada actively slow down…

Sweden Considers Police Action Against File-Sharers

Swedish file-sharers have previously been protected from police action, since any offenses they commit do not generally carry a prison sentence. Now, the government is considering new legislation which will give the police powers to go after regular file-sharers, even if their actions were previously only punishable by a fine.

Largest Danish ISP Blocks The Pirate Bay

TDC, Denmark's largest ISP and owner of most of the cables, has decided to block access to The Pirate Bay. TDC took the step following an earlier decision made by a Danish judge who ordered another ISP, Tele2, to do the same. The case is currently under appeal, but TDC…