BitTorrent to Speed up Game Distribution

BitTorrent Inc. has partnered with two major online game providers, providing technology to accelerate the downloads of clients and patches. BitTorrent Inc. sees the online games space as one of their target markets, as there is a lot of bandwidth to be saved.

Metallica Interview Canceled after Pirate Bay Row

Metallica's label Universal stepped in and canceled an interview with a Swedish newspaper last week after one of its writer reviewers said he got his copy of the album via BitTorrent. The writer, Jonn Jeppsson, who actually reviewed an edited version of 'Death Magnetic', admitted he downloaded it from The…

The Secrets of a Running A BitTorrent Tracker

Most site admins go about their business in secret, which makes it difficult for enthusiastic outsiders to make the leap from user to site owner, since they can't get the benefit of the accrued knowledge of others. Now that has changed with TorrentFries - a unique website demystifying the running…

RIAA: Lobbyists or Law Enforcers?

When a story appears in the media involving piracy, it inevitably mentions how lobby groups like the RIAA get involved in helping establish evidence. Is this really needed, or does this compromise the cases? Should representatives for the victims really be used to form the basis of a criminal case,…

Spore: Most Pirated Game Ever Thanks to DRM

Spore was without doubt the most anticipated game of the year. The game itself has blown away the people who have played it, but the DRM encouraged thousands to get their copy illegally. Already Spore has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on BitTorrent, and this number is increasing rapidly.

Pirate Bay Boycotts Press after Public Witch-Hunt

Following a turbulent week where The Pirate Bay was smeared by the mainstream media for linking to publicly available autopsy photos of two murdered kids, The Pirate Bay has decided to boycott all press for the time being.

Is it Time To Make File-Sharing a Criminal Offense?

All the media reports about cracking down on file-sharers in the UK are starting to annoy me. I'm sick of hearing about Topware, their 2nd rate pinball game and their hired-gun lawyers. This needs sorting out, once and for all. Is it time to make file-sharing a police issue in…