Swedish ISPs Obstruct New Anti-Piracy Legislation

While all eyes were on the Pirate Bay trial, Swedish parliament passed the IPRED law, making it easier for copyright holders to go after illicit file-sharers . The law has only been in effect for one month and anti-piracy outfits are already facing problems using it, as ISPs take measures to protect their customers.

Game Developer Flirts With Pirates on BitTorrent Sites

The developer of a new Windows-based first person shooter game is leaving comments on torrent sites via the actual torrent uploader in attempt to reach out to those thinking of downloading the game. ACE Team, the developer of Zeno Clash, acknowledges that people might like to 'try before they buy' and says they will not try to stop piracy.

Pirate Bay IP Addresses Assigned to Prosecution Lawyers

The Pirate Bay recently got a new range of IPs and to everyone's surprise they are now linked to several movie and music industry lawyers involved in the TPB trial. According to the Pirate Bay's Wikipedia entry the change was due to a hostile takeover, but most people know better.

SuperFundo Torrent Site Shut Down By Government

Earlier this week we reported that the LeechersLair tracker had been closed down by its host under orders from the Malaysian government. Now SuperFundo, another long standing torrent site, has been closed down too.

Pirate Bay Prosecution Law Firm Under Attack

During the Pirate Bay trial Monique Wadsted represented several major movie studios and called for a “very significant” prison sentence for the defendants. This didn't go down particularly well with some Pirate Bay supporters and now, in a retaliatory move, a few of them have now taken down her law firm's website.