U.S. Government Targets Large BitTorrent Sites And Trackers

The US Government has classified some of the largest players in the BitTorrent scene as examples of sites which sustain global piracy. Indexing and search engines The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, isoHunt, Kickasstorrents and BTjunkie all make appearances, with Demonoid, OpenBitTorrent and PublicBT described as trackers which have become "notorious for infringing activities."

70% of the Public Finds Piracy Socially Acceptable

A recent study on moral standards and whether some law breaking is socially acceptable has revealed an interesting stance on file-sharing among the public. Of those questioned in the study, 70% said that downloading illicit material from the Internet is acceptable. Three out four, however, felt it was completely unacceptable to then sell that product for profit.

Chaos Computer Club Revive Famous BitTorrent Tracker

After a brief leave of absence, the famous Denis.Stalker BitTorrent tracker has returned under a new name. Worries about the recent US domain seizures has resulted in the move from a .com domain to that of the well respected hacker group Chaos Computer Club. Meanwhile, The Pirate Bay is offering to reboot the new tracker by adding it to all their newly uploaded torrents.

Should Piracy Punishments Scale To The Quality Of The Copy?

In a case involving the administrator of a BitTorrent tracker this week, a judge felt that punishments should reduce if low quality movies were being shared. On the other hand the plaintiffs argued that since their product was being devalued with poor quality reproduction, compensation should actually increase. In a separate case in Argentina, seven pirates just walked because their copies were poor, and the public knew it.

Hosting Company: Anti-Pirates Stole $138,000 In Kit & Hijacked Our Email

After seizing back equipment wrongfully seized by Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN, the owner of the servers which previously housed a huge warez topsite has spoken out. With claims that BREIN ruined his business, the man from Costa Rica says that the anti-piracy group stole $138,000 of his equipment and hijacked his email accounts. He will now pursue the matter with the police.

Mgnet.me: Worlds First BitTorrent Magnet URL Shortener

When BitTorrent magnets were hyped to become the successor to the plain old .torrent file, the entire BitTorrent community made sure that is was magnet friendly. Despite these efforts, the rest of the web didn't take note and were left behind. Sharing magnet links with others has thus far been a dreadful experience, but Mgnet.me solves this issue.

Pirate Bay Documentary Gets Government Funding

TPB-AFK is an upcoming documentary about The Pirate Bay and its founders, expected to be released later this year. To complete the project, Swedish filmmaker Simon Klose has now received over $30,000 in funding from the Swedish Government. This money will be added to the $50,000 that was already donated by peers through a successful Kickstarter project.