Pirate Bay Money Squeeze Rejected by Court

The request from four major record labels to fine the Pirate Bay operators for every day the site remains up and running was declined by the Swedish District Court today. Contrary to what the labels had requested, the court said it wants to hear the defendants before it will take any action.

eBay vs L’Oreal Through a BitTorrent Prism

In a recent court battle, among other things L'Oreal argued that eBay could prevent the sale of counterfeit items through its site and was therefore jointly liable for offenses committed by its users. The UK High Court disagreed and ruled in eBay's favor. We take a look at the case through a BitTorrent prism.

Anti-Piracy Boss Saved From Death, Can’t Close Torrent Sites

The chief of Lithuania's main anti-piracy outfit has a mountain to climb in dealing with piracy - online penetration is at almost 100% and closing torrent sites is no cakewalk. After announcing plans for a crackdown, people suggested collecting money to have him killed but this hatred is nothing new. An earlier plot aimed to blow him up.

Last.fm’s User Data is Useless to the RIAA


In February TechCrunch rumored that Last.fm had ratted out its users to the RIAA. Now they have another source claiming data was shared with the music industry group, including IP addresses. Without going into the validity of these allegations, we'd like to point out that this data is completely useless to the RIAA, from a legal point of view.

BitTorrent Spammers Target The Pirate Bay

With millions of page views a day, torrent sites are a great outlet for spammers and scammers. Most recently, The Pirate Bay suffered from a spam flood. Thousands of spam comments posted on the site promised to speed up BitTorrent downloads to unrealistic heights, while installing an aggressive adware bundle.

Pro-Copyright Propaganda Enters US Classrooms

Pro-copyright lobbyists and anti-piracy outfits have a clear idea of what is needed to manipulate the minds of the younger generations. The MPAA most famously handed out a “merit patch in respecting copyright” to LA Boy Scouts, and now the Copyright Alliance has entered US classrooms in an attempt to educate today's youth about the benefits of copyright.

FeedMyTorrents Closes In Face of Legal Threats

FeedMyTorrents, a site which published handy RSS feeds for downloading TV-shows using BitTorrent, has closed its doors for the last time. The site went down earlier this year due to financial difficulties but following legal threats, has now closed down for good.