Pirate Bay Tattoos Saved by Logo Change

Most Pirate Bay users were genuinely upset when they found out that their favorite torrent site would be acquired by Global Gaming Factory (GGF) at the end of August. For a small subset of these fans, this move is more than an inked deal, as the coolness and even the credibility of their tattoos is in jeopardy.

I’d Rather Be Raped By Pirate Bay Than Go With Spotify

Swedish artist and composer Magnus Uggla has launched a scathing attack on the owners of Spotify. After discovering that Sony BMG is a shareholder and after receiving virtually no payment from his music being played there, he has withdrawn his tracks from the service declaring, "I'd rather be raped by The Pirate Bay."

Movie Studios Want Own Version of Justice For 3 Strikes

As New Zealand mulls its options for dealing with alleged pirates under its proposed Section 92A legislation, FACT, a division of the MPAA, says it's not happy with the current proposals of giving those wrongly accused a chance to go to arbitration since it would be too time consuming.

Pirate Party UK Officially Registered

The UK Pirate Party has been officially registered at the Electoral Commission and is hoping to follow in the footsteps of its successful counterpart in Sweden. With all the recent controversy surrounding anti-piracy legislation and lawyers going after alleged file-sharers, the party has become necessity.

ISPs Refuse to Block Cheap Russian Music Sites

ISPs and their trade association have refused to block a pair of websites on demands from the music industry. RISA, South Africa's answer to the RIAA, demanded ISPs block the Russian sites because they sell music for as little as 9 cents per track - or less for full albums.

Is a Fair P2P Trial Possible?


There has been a lot of court cases in the last week or two involving P2P, but there is something to be pondered, “Is a fair trial even possible?” Given the disparity between the sides in these sorts of cases, the resources, and the history, is the result a foregone conclusion before it's even started?

Karoo Won’t Disconnect Pirates Without a Court Order

Last month ISP Karoo in the north of England found itself in the middle of a storm when it said it would disconnect its subscribers upon an allegation of copyright infringement. Under pressure it quickly backtracked to a "3 strikes" regime but now they have told TorrentFreak that no-one will be disconnected without a court order.