British Police Confirm Six OiNK Users Arrested

British Police have just confirmed that several users of BitTorrent site OiNK were arrested recently. TorrentFreak broke the news last Friday after sitting on the story for a while but the mainstream press have been holding back over the weekend, waiting for confirmation. Just seconds ago, confirmation came.

OiNK Pre-Releasers Accused of Conspiracy To Defraud Music Industry

Following revelations on Friday that police had begun to arrest ex-OiNK users, we are now in a position to add further details. The police are arresting people allegedly involved in the pre-release uploading of music albums, accusing them of 'Conspiracy to Defraud the Music Industry'.

The Pirate Bay: Two Years After the Raid

Today, exactly two years have passed since The Pirate Bay was raided by the Swedish police. Unlike Hollywood would have wanted, the worlds largest BitTorrent tracker now more popular than ever, and they are here to stay.

Will BitTorrent Sites Become Obsolete?


Researchers from several Universities are currently working on a search technology that could make BitTorrent sites obsolete. While the idea of a completely decentralized filesharing network is not new, there are some downsides that are often overlooked.

OiNK Investigation: Police Start Making Arrests

TorrentFreak has received information which suggests that British police have made good on their claim that they would go after ex-users of OiNK. Last week, several officers arrested at least one individual for the seeding of a single album. It is believed police are in the process of arresting and…

Revision3 Sends FBI after MediaDefender

The popular Internet television network Revision3 suffered from a severe DDoS attack, launched by the infamous anti-piracy organization MediaDefender. After targeting The Pirate Bay's trackers, MediaDefender apparently thought it was a good idea to spread their fake torrents through Revision3.

Comcast Hacked in BitTorrent Throttling Payback?

It has become apparent during the last few hours that Comcast, everyone's favorite ISP (especially in the BitTorrent world) has been hacked. The message on the homepage read: "KRYOGENIKS EBK and DEFIANT RoXed COMCAST."