Pirate Bay’s YouTube Competitor is “Coming Soon”

The Pirate Bay team has continued developing its video streaming site - which will open up to the public within 5 years. On The Video Bay users can share video clips without having to worry about getting them taken offline due to copyright violations, true Pirate Bay-style.

Brazilian President Shows Warmth To Pirate Bay Spokesman

Since 2005, a Brazilian senator has been championing new cybercrime legislation which would include tough measures against file-sharing. Yesterday, at the International Free Software Forum, the Brazilian President openly criticized the bill, and then posed for pictures with The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde.

Pirate Bay Cow Gatecrashes Milk Competition

Norway's largest dairy products producer is redesigning the logo they use on one of their chocolate milk products. They invited the public to design cows of their own, and then vote on them to decide the winner, which then becomes the new logo. Right now a Pirate Bay-inspired cow is in second place.

Michael Jackson’s Death Causes Surge On BitTorrent

The 'King of Pop' may have died but his music lives on, and on file-sharing networks, maybe stronger than ever. Less than 24 hours after Jackson passed away hundreds of thousands of file-sharers have downloaded one or more of his albums on BitTorrent.

appDowner: A BitTorrent Powered iPhone App Store

To users of Cydia, Icy and Appulous, alternatives to Apple's App Store are nothing new, but soon there will be a new and unqiue player in the market. Promising to become "the most beautiful application repository on the market" appDowner will be the first App Store competitor to use BitTorrent technology.

The Pirate Bay to Sue Sweden for Human Rights Violations

Today the Swedish Appeal Court decided that the judge who handled the Pirate Bay trial was not biased, despite his membership of several pro-copyright organizations. In true Pirate Bay style spokesman Peter Sunde responded full force, and says they are ready to sue Sweden for human rights violations.

Pirate Bay Judge Not Biased, No Retrial

To determine if the verdict in the Pirate Bay trial was affected by bias, the connections of Judge Tomas Norström to national and international pro-copyright lobby groups have been reviewed by the Appeal Court. Their 'no bias' ruling can't be appealed which means that there will not be a retrial, instead the verdict in the Pirate Bay trial will be appealed.

uTorrent Dominates BitTorrent Client Market Share

Millions of people use BitTorrent daily, but little is known about the market share of the available clients - until now. An objective sample of more than 150,000 unique IPs shows that uTorrent is the client of choice for more than half of all BitTorrent users. Vuze is in second place with close to 17 percent followed by the mainline client with 12 percent.