isoHunt Sues the CRIA to Legalize BitTorrent Sites

Following Demonoid and QuebecTorrent, the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) has threatened isoHunt with legal action. However, isoHunt has decided to launch a preemptive strike, as it turns the tables and sues the CRIA instead.

Download Torrents Instantly with Instant-Torrents

Instant-Torrents is a new service that allows people to download, find, and share torrents on a private network. Users can download torrents via the site, and direct downloads are available when others have downloaded the torrent before.

Furious Author Cancels Pirated Book

Writer Stephanie Meyer isn't too happy with the Internet. The first 12 chapters of her eagerly awaited book, a counter-view novel to Twilight, has hit file sharing sites. Despite knowing who was responsible, Meyer's anger seems only to be for her Internet fans, while she plans to cancel the book.

ISPs Hand Over Details of ‘Several Thousand’ Pirates

Two major UK ISPs have been ordered by the High Court to hand over the identities of several thousand alleged file-sharers. BT has confirmed it is involved while Virgin Media was less direct in admitting that lawyers Davenport Lyons, working with Topwear Inc., are about to start threatening thousands more…

City Market Bans Legitimate Traders to Beat Pirates

A city in the north of the UK has taken drastic action to beat pirates. From today, not only will sellers of pirate DVDs and CDs be stopped from selling their goods at Hull's biggest street market, but legitimate businesses selling audio visual products will be banned from selling their…

Prison Break Downloads Popular on BitTorrent

Less than a day after the first two episodes of Prison Break's fourth season aired on TV, close to a million people have already downloaded the episodes on BitTorrent. This is an impressive number and in the days to come it might even come close to the 6.5 million TV…

MPAA Wants ISPs to Cut Off Pirates

Following on from the IFPI-inspired Italian blockade of The Pirate Bay, the MPAA's President has been in Italy offering ideas on how to deal with the 'problem' of unauthorized file-sharing. Not wanting to flirt too much with originality, Robert Pisano is backing a 3 strikes-and-you're-out policy. Just how far will…

BitTorrent Searches Skyrocket as Sites Grow

The Pirate Bay, Mininova and isoHunt all have millions of visitors every day, searching for music, movies, software and especially TV-shows. Together, the three BitTorrent sites serve an impressive 500 million searches each month, and this number is going up every month.