Mininova Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary

The popular BitTorrent site Mininova celebrates its 3rd anniversary today. At the time it launched, no one would have predicted that it would become the success story it turned out to be, but we can now safely say that Mininova is here to stay.

Jericho Season 2 Leaks on BitTorrent

The first three episodes of CBS's TV-series "Jericho" have leaked to BitTorrent a month before its official premiere date. The popular show was initially canceled last year, but after several protests from angry fans CBS decided to revive it. Nuts!

Computer Chronicles, Retro Tech-TV Available on BitTorrent

Software piracy in the 80s, the early days of the Internet, the war between Netscape Communicator 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0, it was all covered by the Computer Chronicles. Invaluable, and most of the time hilarious historical documents, are now available for free on BitTorrent.

Anti-Piracy Voice-Overs to Prevent CDs from Leaking

Recently, more and more CDs are being protected by voice-overs to prevent these albums from leaking to the public before the official release date. The voice-overs are pretty effective, but there is a downside, they start to annoy reviewers and even start to affect album ratings.

UK BitTorrent Users Under More Pressure From Lawyers

Lawyers in the UK representing software developer Reality Pump are lining up more threats against file-sharers. Having previously represented the publishers Zuxxez and CodeMasters, these lawyers like quoting German law to UK citizens to scare them - which appears to have backfired in a big way.

Swedish Politicians Strike Blows at Copyright Lobby

Last week, seven Swedish MPs wrote to a prominent Swedish tabloid newspaper 'Expressen' to express their dissatisfaction with proposals for dealing with copyright infringers. Now, that number has increased to 13, and the issue seems to keep growing.