Pirate Bay and MegaUpload Escape Domain Seizure by US

As part of an initiative to crack down on Internet piracy and counterfeiting, the US Government recently took action against sites making available movies and TV shows. Arrests did not feature in the action, but controversially the authorities seized site domain names instead. TorrentFreak has learned that both The Pirate Bay and MegaUpload domains were also on the target list.

RapidShare Cheapens Pricing Scheme After User Revolt

Two weeks ago RapidShare announced a change in the pricing scheme for their premium members. Starting this month, account holders would've been required to pay an amount based on their daily usage volume along with a requirement to skip between various packages to avoid overpayment. This planned change resulted in a revolt among RapidShare users which forced the company to revisit its plans.

Free ‘BitTorrent VPN’ Grows to 300,000 Members in a Year

ItsHidden is a VPN service that was set up with torrent users in mind, allowing them to hide their identities from 'third parties' who choose to snoop on their activities. The service launched less than a year ago, but with the increased demand for anonymous BitTorrent it has already amassed 300,000 members.

Prince Primes Pirates For Huge Download Fest With 20Ten

Pint-sized popstar Prince will be giving his latest album away for free in a UK newspaper this week. Declaring the Internet "completely over", iTunes nor any other online store will get access to his music. "Computers and digital gadgets are no good," he declared in an interview, just as millions of file-sharers line up to use their hopeless number crunchers to suck his latest offering down the pipes.

Hurt Locker Lawsuit Doesn’t Affect BitTorrent Downloads

Despite a pending lawsuit against 5,000 Hurt Locker downloaders and the promises from its makers to sue even more, the film is still being downloaded by thousands of people every day. Interestingly, the makers do not seem to be sending takedown notices to torrent sites, most likely because that would ruin their business plan.

File-Sharing Sites Unfazed By Takedowns, Bounce Right Back


During the last few weeks many file-sharing sites have been taken down by threats, legal action and police raids. From the mighty Pirate Bay to lesser known torrent sites across Europe and streaming giants around the world, the theme isn't capitulation after a setback, but getting back online as quickly as possible.

RIAA Warns 1 Million Copyright Infringers a Year

In less than two years the RIAA has sent copyright infringement notices to 1.8 million Internet subscribers and 269,609 to colleges and universities. Despite this staggering average of more than a million infringement notices every year from the recording industry alone, the effect on file-sharing levels seems unnoticeable.