The Pirate Bay Founders Summoned To Court Via Twitter

The Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN has summoned The Pirate Bay's founders to court through Twitter and Facebook. Emboldened by recent events in Sweden, BREIN is demanding a total blackout of the site in the Netherlands and has scheduled a court hearing for July 21st.

No “3 Strikes” in Spain, Watch Out Torrent Sites

Just days after ISPs in Spain confirmed talks with the music and movie industry had ended without success, entertainment companies have now backed away from their "3 strikes" demands after it became clear the Spanish government does not support their plan. They will go after 200 BitTorrent sites instead.

Sarkozy Says He Will “Go All The Way” With 3 Strikes

Yesterday from the Palace of Versailles, Nicolas Sarkozy became the first president to address Parliament in 150 years. He took the opportunity to show his determination over the proposed HADOPI legislation, promising that he will "go all the way" to enforce law on the Internet.

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Lose License To Chase Pirates

Just days after Norway’s data protection department told ISPs they must delete all personal IP address-related data three weeks after collection, it's now become safer than ever to be a file-sharer in Norway. The only law firm with a license to track pirates has just seen it expire and it won't be renewed.

More BitTorrent Users Go Anonymous

Users of BitTorrent and other file-sharing networks are increasingly seeking solutions to hide their identities from the outside world. With pressure from anti-piracy outfits mounting on ISPs to police their networks and warn those who share copyrighted content, many file-sharers have decided to negate this by going anonymous.

Pirate Party Enters the German Parliament

Just two weeks after the Swedish Pirate Party won a seat in the European Parliament, the German PiratenPartei has gained a seat in the German government. Jörg Tauss has left the Social Democrats Party (SPD) and has joined the Pirate Party.

Irish RIAA Takes ISPs To Court To Force 3 Strikes

Earlier this year Ireland's RIAA, IRMA, and the country's largest ISP, Eircom, reached private agreement to implement 3 strikes and disconnections for alleged pirates. At concerns that this would place Eircom at a competitive disadvantage, part of the deal would see IRMA go after Ireland's other ISPs too. IRMA kept their promise.