Warner Says Harry Potter Dinner Infringes Copyright

A woman who operates the so-called Underground Restaurant from her London home has had a surprise threat from a movie company. The host of the party, known as Ms Marmite Lover, had arranged a Halloween party with a Harry Potter theme, but Warner Bros. took exception and sent their lawyers to turn her evening into a newt.

EZTV Suffers Downtime Due to Server Troubles

With more than half a million visits a day, EZTV is the leading TV-torrent release group. It therefore comes as no surprise that rumors and confusion spread when the site went offline earlier this week. EZTV users can be reassured though, the downtime is caused by technical issues and not any legal trouble as some had suggested.

Busting Common Trackerless Torrent Myths

The Pirate Bay tracker has been in a state of flux for a few weeks now, mostly offline. If your torrent relies on it, what can you do? The easiest solution is to go 'trackerless' and use the Distributed Hash Table (DHT), but there are many myths and misunderstandings that can put people off using it.

World’s First BitTorrent Powered Live Streamed Concert

A unique event takes place today in a movie theater in the north of Norway. Using the Swarmplayer software developed by the EU-funded P2P-Next project, for the first time ever a live concert will be broadcasted on the Internet utilizing BitTorrent technology.

Leading TV Show eD2K Site Celebrates Birthday With Torrents

BitTorrent hasn't always been the Internet's premier source of TV shows. Before the protocol's popularity skyrocketed, eD2K was a favored method of acquiring larger files, TV episodes included. TV Underground, a site that has been around for exactly four years, today celebrates its birthday by spreading its wings and introducing torrents.

NowTorrents Becomes TorrentFly After Google Penalty

NowTorrents, the fastest growing torrent site of 2009, lost 90% of its total traffic two weeks ago, being 'penalized' by Google. The reason for the Google penalty is unknown but the NowTorrents owner has now taken the opportunity to relaunch a new version of his search engine under a new name - TorrentFly.

3-Strikes For Pirates Makes European Comeback Tour

In a great blow for consumers everywhere, the prospect of 3-strikes for copyright infringers has returned with a vengeance, as both the EU Council and French Constitutional court pushed forward with their respective legislation. HADOPI is alive, and the EU has shredded requirements for judicial oversight.

Demonoid: An Interview With Their Ukranian Host

Demonoid is one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the planet and, unfortunately for those interested in the site, also one of the most secretive. With the site currently out of action with little indication when it will return, there are certainly plenty of questions. An interview with Demonoid's Ukranian host certainly proves to be of great interest.