ISP Wants iiNet v AFACT Over Before Copyright Review

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In response to correspondence as part of a review of communications and media regulations in Australia, ISP Telstra has requested that the government waits for the result in a landmark copyright infringement case before the matter is completed. Telstra says that the government should wait for the legal action between the Australian Federation Against Copyright […]

I’ll Stop Pirating Movies On The Pirate Bay If…

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“Don’t Make Me Steal” is a digital media consumption manifesto that claims to pinpoint what drives modern consumers to download movies using BitTorrent. It demands drastic changes from the entertainment industry, offering a promise not to download movies without consent from the copyright holders ever again. What a brilliant idea, this will change things, surely? […]

Homeland Security Explains Why Google Wasn’t Seized, Sort Of

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The big news this week was without a doubt the domain seizure of 6 sport streaming sites, a few days before the Super Bowl. This third round of seizures surprised many people, starting with the sites owners, through the public all the way to a US Senator. In an interview with Public Radio, Homeland Security […]

When Did We Become The Ones We Weren’t?


The current events in Egypt leave me very uncomfortable. Not the pro-democracy demonstrations -- I support that in soul, mind and action -- but the fact that the repressive regime is using surveillance technology developed by Western companies, mandated by Western authorities.

ACS:Law and MediaCAT Completely Shut Down Both Their Businesses

Hot on the heels of the recent announcement in court that ACS:Law will stop chasing alleged file-sharers, comes an even more dramatic development. According to a document seen by TorrentFreak, both ACS:Law and their copyright troll client MediaCAT have just completely shut down their businesses. The news comes just days before a senior judge is due to hand down a ruling on the pair's activities.

US Senator Worries Domain Seizures May Stifle Free Speech

Following on from news of the third phase of 'piracy' and counterfeit related domain seizures in 7 months, US Senator Ron Wyden has asked the director of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to clarify some of the most pressing questions. If the domain seizures are to continue, the Obama administration has to be more open about the need for them and the process involved, he argues.

UFC Thanks DOJ and ICE For Domain Name Seizures

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Following on from this week’s domain name seizures by US authorities, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has thanked the Department of Justice, ICE and Homeland Security Investigations for their actions. Here is their press release in full. Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) – Zuffa, LLC, doing business as the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) wishes to extend its […]

Internet Piracy Boosts Anime Sales, Study Concludes

A prestigious economics think-tank of the Japanese Government has published a study which concludes that online piracy of anime shows actually increases sales of DVDs. The conclusion stands in sharp contrast with the entertainment industry's claims that 'illicit' downloading is leading to billions of dollars in losses worldwide. It also puts the increased anti-piracy efforts of the anime industry in doubt.