TorrentFreak TV, A Double Episode

After the usual delay TorrentFreak TV returns with two brand new episodes combined into one. This week’s episode covers the continuing Pirate Bay soap, Google's Onebox, Hulu's subscriptions, DHT, PEX and a lot more.

Lessons The Next Big Torrent Sites Will Learn From Mininova

When Mininova announced last week that they would comply with a tough court order, many BitTorrent users feared that this signaled the end of big public torrent sites. In fact, in common with the earlier Grokster decision, the verdict actually lays out clearer ground rules for those running file-sharing services.

Never Back Down – Pirate Bay Adapts To Stay Alive

Most other sites would have thrown in the towel by now, but despite unprecedented pressure, somehow The Pirate Bay remains alive and in pretty good health today. As one door closes, the site morphs and adapts to find ways to stay open and possibly even stay legal. Is the site becoming more and more difficult to shut down?

Anti-Piracy Outfits Demand Cash Without Proof

Hundreds and thousands of infringement warnings are sent out every year by copyright holders. In some cases the copyright holders also include a settlement request of a few hundred bucks. Very worrisome, especially since the outfits that collect the evidence often lack proof that the accused actually transferred the file in question.

SceneTorrents BitTorrent Tracker Shuts Down

In a week where BitTorrent already lost its largest torrent indexer Mininova, a well-known private tracker has also announced that it will cease its operations. Rumors that the shutdown is related to the bust of the topsite LOOP earlier this week remain unconfirmed.

IsoHunt Asks Court to Legalize Its Operations

For more than a year, BitTorrent search engine isoHunt has chased the Canadian music industry in court. In an act of self-defense, the founder of the site has sued the Canadian branch of the RIAA, asking the court to legalize its operations. After an initial setback, isoHunt submitted a full claim to the court this week.

Mandelson Gets His Own Digital Economy Bill Protest Song

Back in September, thousands of Internet users tapped their feet to the brilliant open letter on piracy, sent to Lily Allen by musician Dan Bull. As November draws to a close, Dan is back again, this time taking a swipe at everyone's favorite twice-fired, unelected politician Lord Mandelson and his controversial Digital Economy Bill.