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The US Pirate Party has no candidate for the upcoming elections, but who do the pirates vote for? Barack Obama, and the party strongly urges all its members to support his campaign, and vote for him in the primaries, and later this year in November.

US Pirate Party Endorses Barack ObamaThe Pirate Party just published a press release in which they show their support for Obama, and ask their members to support him as well. Obama is indeed the only candidate who’s even been willing to consider copyright change, the others are more interested in protecting the commercial rights of a few. Other than that, he has a healthy view on how to ensure people’s privacy and he values net neutrality.

Andrew Norton, a spokesperson of the US Pirate Party told TorrentFreak: “We believe in democracy, and progress. Since we are not putting forward a candidate of our own, we stand solidly behind Mr. Obama, as he is the only candidate that seems to realize that personal privacy is a right, not a privilege, and believes that copyright is, as the constitution defines, for progress, rather than profit.”

Mr. Obama clearly understands the important role that the Internet plays in delivering information and communications in general according to the US Pirate Party. A great example of this is the speech he gave at the at the Google campus where he said, “I will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to network neutrality.” He later told TechCrunch: “I will prevent network providers from discriminating in ways that limit the freedom of expression on the Internet.” So, no BitTorrent blocking if it was up to Obama, sorry Comcast.

Don’t want to trust on the Pirate Parties? You can do a votematch here if you’re tired of all the campaign commercials and want to base your decision on what the candidates actually stand for.

Note: all Ron Paul comments will be censored ;)


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