Police Arrest Alleged Movie Pirate Again, Along With His Brother & Sister

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Back in May, police acting on behalf of the Federation Against Copyright Theft sent several police cars to arrest a single alleged movie cammer. But despite allocating significant resources, police have now dropped the charges. However, matters have actually taken a turn for the worse, with the police re-arresting the alleged cammer plus his brother and sister while investigating the online leak of another movie.

Earlier this year we reported on the unusually heavy-handed approach taken by the police who were acting on a tipoff from FACT, the Federation Against Copyright Theft.

Five unmarked police vehicles were sent to arrest a man in the UK following allegations that he ‘cammed’ the movie Fast and Furious 6 and put it online. After being banned from every cinema in the country the 24-year-old was released on bail.

But now, three weeks in advance of his bail date, things have started moving again with yet another surprising turn of events.

Earlier this week police and FACT turned up at the man’s home in the West Midlands armed with a new search warrant issued by a magistrate, this time in relation to the camming of the movie ‘Epic’.

After being taken to a police station at 8am the man was questioned and held for more than eight hours. Interestingly and despite significant resources invested in the original raid, the police informed the man that charges against him in respect of Fast and Furious 6 had been dropped. There would, however, be new charges.

“When I was eventually interviewed at 4pm I was questioned again by FACT in relation to the Fast and Furious 6 cam, which I ‘politely’ declined to answer any questions about,” he told TorrentFreak.

“UK law states that to be questioned in relation to another offense they would have to re-read my rights and arrest me for the offense first, something they didn’t do, so I refused to co-operate with them on that subject.”

FACT then proceeded to question the man in relation to the filming of the movie Epic, informing him that he’d been seen by a member of the public with “recording equipment.”

The man told us he did go and watch Epic on the day of release but had to leave the cinema 25 minutes in due to a family emergency.

“I never returned to watch Epic at the cinema so there is no way I could have possibly recorded the full film, and any leaks found online would have been incomplete,” he explained.

With no response, FACT switched their questioning back to Fast and Furious 6. Having already refused to answer questions on that subject as detailed above, the man told us he lost patience and began throwing some insults FACT’s way which appeared to amuse the police officer present. But with the interview over, things again took a turn for the unexpected.

“After the interview I was sent to the custody desk to be released and bailed where I saw my solicitor, whom I did not ask for during my detention. I approached her and asked her what was going on only to find out she did not know I had been arrested,” the man explained. It soon became apparent that the solicitor had other related business in hand.

“She was there to support my brother, sister and one of my sister’s ex-boyfriends, all of whom had been arrested for the same offense. So not only did FACT perform raids on my property, but also on my family members’ homes which dragged my family into the case.”

“Speaking with my family afterwards I learned that they had been arrested for the same offenses. During their interview FACT attempted to trip my brother up stating I had admitted my guilt and he may as well come forward. He did not fall for the tactic and didn’t say anything in the interview. My sister’s ex-boyfriend was also questioned,” he added.

“After my release I drove to my older sister’s house to find that FACT had taken numerous items from my sister belonging to her, her partner and her children. My sister’s ex-boyfriend was the one found there as they had raided his parents house who had given information regarding his whereabouts, yet the police did not arrest anyone else from the property.

“That begs the question as to why the police seized property not relating to any offense. The items taken included a laptop, three Xbox 360s, an Internet router and much more. The police shouldn’t have any grounds to take these items due to them being my sister’s property not the male who was arrested there but lives elsewhere,” the man concludes.

So for now things are on hold again. All people arrested are bailed until February 2014 at which point the police will either have to come up with some evidence, extend bail again, or drop the case.


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