Premier League IPTV Piracy Clickbait Reaches New Low, But Will Go Lower

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As elements of the UK media continue to stomp on reality in exchange for piracy-related clicks, a new story doing the rounds has managed to reach a new low. Accompanied by the usual dire warnings, the stories claim that a new overseas anti-piracy system has Brits "braced for a crackdown" because it could "stop Brits watching illegal streams for good." Perhaps the Premier League should buy this system right now? Yeah, about that.

clown-dmcaBeing able to receive and impart knowledge and ideas with other people is one of the most important things any human will ever do.

The information shared or received won’t always be accurate, even if we believe it is. It might not be accurate even if it appears in several widely read online newspapers. All anyone really expects is a tiny effort to ensure that they aren’t being fed fabricated nonsense made up on the spot.

Apparently, even that’s too much to ask; illegal streaming detector cars, really?


The image below shows how Google responds to a search for a very specific term. The search term ‘piracy shield’ relates to an anti-piracy system that enjoyed its full launch in Italy on February 2, 2024. We’ve written about Piracy Shield and the legislation supporting it on dozens of occasions, including numerous times in the last few weeks.

piracy shield news

Of the available ‘Top Stories’ space, we get a quarter while the remaining 75% is allocated to three extremely popular, UK-focused publications, all of which expend considerable resources on SEO and here, tell exactly the same ‘story’.

While TorrentFreak’s regular readers will already know what Piracy Shield is, who built it and why, exactly how it functions from a technical perspective, and all of its ‘secret’ targets thus far, it’s likely that readers of the publications above were less aware of it.

After reading the articles, not much would’ve improved.

Stand By Brits, This Will End Illegal Streaming, FOREVER

The Piracy Shield system was donated by Italian football league Serie A to Italian telecoms regulator, AGCOM. The technical section of an Italian law firm worked on development, the system was accredited for use in Italy under Italian law, and is currently hard at work trying to block access to Italian content, in Italy.

That obviously leads seamlessly and not at all unnaturally to headlines like these.


Given these end-of-days headlines, some may have been comforted that the doom portrayed at the start of the articles had completely disappeared by the end.

From “the crackdown may stop games being streamed illegally for good” at the start, to variations on “there are no plans for a similar procedure to be adopted in the UK” at the end. That’s either the most miraculous recovery seen recently, or the textbook definition of clickbait.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter, because it’s still not entirely true. Or indeed true at all.

Anyone Remember The Premier League?

The Piracy Shield system in Italy exists in the main to block pirate sports streams, delivered by premium IPTV piracy platforms or those accessed via web-based streaming portals. To ensure the legality of blocking under Italian law, so-called ‘precautionary measures’ with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, i.e evasive action by pirates, are issued against pirate sites.

If these ‘dynamic injunctions’ and a Piracy Shield-type system turned up in the UK tomorrow, the scenarios outlined in the articles above definitely would not happen, and for very good reason.

Always Credit The Source

Dynamic injunctions for tackling live sports piracy were actually pioneered and developed in the UK, by none other than the Premier League.

In fact, in Football Association Premier League Ltd v British Telecommunications Plc & Ors. (2017/2018), the High Court of England and Wales issued the first ever dynamic injunctions for tackling live sports in favor of the Premier League. Since then, such injunctions have been in constant force at ISPs around the country, season in, season out, controlled and executed by the by Premier League’s own system.

That’s six/seven years of experience for the Premier League. Piracy Shield launched four weeks ago.

Think of it like the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where King Arthur tries to use the Holy Grail as leverage over the master of a French castle, but is informed that the master probably won’t be interested since “he’s already got one.”

Or just make something up.


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