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Home > All > is a great service to discover new music and share listening habits with the rest of the Internet, but since its launch the site has lacked proper BitTorrent support. This shortcoming has now be fixed by PWN, a well integrated Greasemonkey script that adds the latest torrents to artist pages on

With millions of active users, is one the largest and most appreciated music communities on the Internet. Its main purpose is to create a personalized library of all the music users play, but it’s also a handy music discovery tool and recommendation engine.

Although the service enables its users to check out short previews of artists that are recommended to them, they still have to pay the full price for album or track downloads. However, PWN aims to change this by adding BitTorrent downloads to the site.

PWN is offering a script that works with Firefox’s Greasemonkey add-on and the Opera web-browser. By using isoHunt’s publicly available API, the script adds BitTorrent search results to every artist page on, very well integrated into the site’s design.

The search results show the first 15 torrents with full titles, file-size and the number of active seeds and peers. In addition, every torrent has a play icon with a direct link to Bitlet where the torrent can be streamed directly to get a full preview of the tracks.

‘PWN’ is not the only pirate add-on for Firefox, in fact there are quite a few. Last year we covered the ‘Pirates of the Amazon‘ add-on that offered BitTorrent integration for the Amazon web store.

In addition, IMDB, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes all have their own pirate skin available. Most of the scripts work with the Greasemonkey add-on which allows the installation of all kinds of useful user scripts which customize the web to your pirate needs.’s Torrented Artists Pages

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