RLSLOG Down, But Not Out

rlslogRLSLOG has grown out to be the authority when it comes to news about, and links to, scene releases.

Millions of readers visit the site every month, looking for the latest releases that are posted daily by the site’s editors.

For the past few days, however, RLSLOG readers were shaken up by an absence of news as the site has been unreachable.

Although some have rumored that the RIAA finally got what it wished for, the current outage is not related to legal issues.

RLSLOG founder Martin informed TorrentFreak that the prolonged downtime is caused by the site’s hosting provider.

The RLSLOG server has been stuck for a few days and thus far Martin has been unable to get in touch with the hosting provider to fix the problems.

A new server has been ordered now, which means RLSLOG should make a successful comeback in a few days.

Fingers crossed.


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