Russia’s Largest BitTorrent Tracker Under Huge DDoS Attack

RUTracker, Russia’s largest BitTorrent tracker, has been dealing with the effects of a DDoS attack over the past 48 hours.

According to the site’s administrators, the attack began on Monday night.

“On February 6, 2012 from approximately 10:00 pm this forum has been under serious DDoS-attack,” they said in a statement. “As you will have noticed it does not open, or if it does, not always successfully.”

RUTracker’s admins add that they are working hard to mitigate the attack but it is a pretty significant assault – the site is receiving around 300,000 requests for data every second.

“I must say that we do not know who attacked us or why, and we do not know when it will end,” the admins add.

“Our firewall is configured so let’s stay calm and everything will be fine,” they conclude.


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