Seized by Hackers?

sceperThe popular scene release site Sceper went down a few minutes ago, and currently displays an image which claims it has been seized.

But by whom?

The title of the site claims that Sceper was seized by ICE, but this is certainly not the case.

U.S. authorities don’t have control over .eu domains, and even if they did they wouldn’t host the take down image at

So is this a prank from the Sceper team, or has the site fallen prey to hackers?

Right before the seized by ICE banner appeared some parts of the website showed the line “Hacked by 4C4P0R,” which suggest that someone with bad intentions pulled off this stunt.

I guess we will find out more in the hours to come.

Unrelated, but worth a mention, AOL was also hacked about an hour ago.

Update: problems seem to be solved…


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