Sony: We Were Hacked Because We Took On Geohot

At a shareholders meeting, Sony CEO Howard Stringer admitted that the company was hacked because people did not like the fact that it “tried to protect” its intellectual property.

Ignoring calls for his resignation, Stringer said the hacking attacks which crippled its PS3 online network were in response to measures the company took to protect its videogames.

Although PS3 hacker Geohot wasn’t mentioned by name, its clear that Stringer was referring to the legal action Sony took against him.

Geohot, real name George Hotz, had embarked on work to disable the DRM security on the PS3 games console, a move that enraged Sony.

Many saw Sony’s legal measures as heavy-handed and disproportionate and it has long been believed that the hacking community hit Sony in revenge for its treatment of Geohot.

“These are our corporate assets,” Stringer told the meeting, “..and there are those that don’t want us to protect them, they want everything to be free.”

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