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The Spanish police made 15 p2p related arrests today, and closed down several BitTorrent, eMule and Edonkey sites. The victims are accused of facilitating "copyright infringement". Today's arrests are the result of a large scale investigation by several Spanish "copyright protection" organizations that started in October 2005.

The association for internet users (Association of Internauts) criticizes todays actions and Victor Domingo the president of the AI said that the press-release sent by the police is full of errors and causes confusion.

Domingo criticized “panic” generated by the Police with this operation and stated:

only a Judge can sentence what is illicit or not, not the Police, neither the General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE) nor a minister”

The police report claims that 350.000.000 illegal files are shared per year in Spain.

The president of the AI accused the Police to facilitate information that is practically impossible to confirm, and invited to the police show some proof.

The following sites were named in the police report:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

link (Spanish)


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