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P2P Collection Costs Man Huge Fine, Suspended Sentence

A man who downloaded 12,591 music tracks, 426 movies and 16 full TV-series has been sentenced in France. The police searched the 55 year-old's house in connection with an unrelated matter and stumbled across his collection. The man was sentenced to 33,000 euros ($46,200) in damages and a 2 month…

eMule: A Decade of File-Sharing Innovations

On May 13th, 2002 a new filesharing client called eMule entered into our world of sharing. Ten years later we’d like to take this anniversary as an opportunity to look back at some major technical achievements of filesharing applications since then and what might come in the years ahead. With…

Judge Rules P2P Legal, Sites To Be Presumed Innocent

After Spain virtually ruled out imposing a "3-strikes" regime for illicit file-sharers, the entertainment industries said they would target 200 BitTorrent sites instead. Now a judge has decided that sharing between users for no profit via P2P doesn't breach copyright laws and sites should be presumed innocent until proved otherwise.

Court Orders Expert Opinion in P2P Leecher Mod Case

A women received a demand for 700 euros after an anti-piracy company claimed she had shared pornographic material on the Internet. However, she was using a so-called 'leecher mod', which means her P2P client never uploaded anything. Now a court is calling for an expert witness to dissect the supposed…

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