Super Meat Boy Devs Don’t Care About Piracy

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, the team behind indie platform game Super Meat Boy, are taking a particularly pragmatic approach to game piracy.

The pair, collectively Team Meat, say that their PC and Xbox 360 title was hugely pirated.

“We don’t fucking care,” they told the DarkZero podcast. (1hr 9mins in)


“If there are, let’s say, 200,000 copies of SMB that are getting passed around for free, that’s 200,000 people who are playing the game.

“If they like this game there’s a really high probability of their friends coming around and seeing it or them posting about it on their blogs. And it’s not cool to go round and say I really like this game that I stole, so they’re not going to say that.

“So it’s going to come around to sales.”

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