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Pornhub & YouPorn Owner Funds Fight Against Cyberlockers

The company behind YouPorn and PornHub has agreed to fund an anti-piracy outfit dedicated to bringing down 'rogue' cyberlockers and illicit file-sharing forums. Speaking with TorrentFreak, the Adult Content Industry United Foundation says they will be using the money to cut off funding to cyberlockers in the hope that hitting…

How the Porn Industry Plans to Wipe Out BitTorrent

With all the negative reporting about BitTorrent in the mainstream media, you could be forgiven for thinking that an anti-piracy crackdown against torrent sites would be a depressing issue. On the contrary, the porn industry's approach to dealing with BitTorrent raises more than a few smiles.

Watching Porn Online More Acceptable Than Pirating Music

A survey conducted by the New Zealand based research firm UMR Research found that nearly half of the respondents think that it's morally okay to watch porn on the Internet. Downloading music and movies illegally, on the other hand, is frowned upon by an overwhelming majority of the respondents.

Porn Industry to Take on BitTorrent Sites

Porn industry representatives gathered at an anti-piracy conference last week to discuss solutions to the ever growing amount of pirated porn that's traded on BitTorrent sites and other P2P-networks.

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