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US Lawmakers Want to Quash Pirate Websites

United States lawmakers have proposed new legislation today that would allow the Department of Justice to take over domain names of websites that promote copyright infringement. The proposed bill would allow for court orders against domestic as well as foreign sites, which could potentially shutter many torrent sites including The…

Movie Piracy Hurts Health Research and Patient Care, UCSF Claims

The University of California (UCSF) has launched a new anti-piracy campaign to warn students and staff about the negative effects of online piracy. In what can be characterized as a most absurd and dramatic spin on the topic of copyright infringement, posters across campus claim that illegal downloading is a…

Anti-Piracy Blocklists Don’t Keep BitTorrent Spies Out

Anti-piracy groups are monitoring millions of BitTorrent users every year. Whether their end-game is to warn, threaten or sue, all public BitTorrent trackers are populated with companies that harvest IP-addresses. A new paper published on these monitoring activities describes the variety of techniques being employed, and shows that P2P-blocklists offer…

‘Unbeatable’ Cinavia Anti-Piracy Technology Cracked by DVD-Ranger

Cinavia's anti-piracy technology has been a thorn in the side of many file-sharers, who are unable to play pirated files on their DVD-players without being interrupted by a warning message. In a breakthrough development, software vendor DVD-Ranger has cracked the protection, including for popular movies downloaded from pirate sites.

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