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EU Parliament Sends ‘Upload Filters’ Back to the Drawing Board

In a plenary vote, the European Parliament said no to the Copyright Directive mandate. This means that the controversial copyright reform proposal will be opened for debate and possible amendments. Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda describes the outcome as a "great success," noting that the protests have worked.

Music Industry Lawyer Calls For Criminal Investigation Over Article 13 Vote

A high-profile defender of artists' rights is calling for a "full-blown criminal investigation" into what happened during the Article 13 'copyright filters' vote earlier this month. Lawyer Chris Castle, who has an impressive music industry track record with various labels and groups, says that Google backed an "attack" on the…

New Campaign Aims to “Save Music” Ahead of EU Copyright Filter Vote

In just 15 days' time, MEPs will again vote on the now-controversial copyright proposals of Article 13. The legislation would see platforms such as YouTube compelled to introduce upload filters, to prevent unlicensed content being offered to the public. The new 'Love Music' campaign, supported by powerful industry players, aims…

YouTube Chief Says Article 13 “Undermines Creative Economy”

YouTube's Chief Business Officer has weighed in on the EU's proposed Article 13 legislation, which critics say could force platforms like YouTube to implement filtering regimes in the face of increased liability for infringing content. Robert Kyncl says the proposal potentially undermines the creative economy by discouraging or even preventing…

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