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EU Parliament Committee Adopts Piracy ‘Upload Filter’ Proposal

The EU's plans to modernize copyright law in Europe are moving ahead. The Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament (JURI) just adopted several proposals, including the controversial "upload filters." Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda is disappointed but notes that the fight is not over yet.

Piracy: If the Internet Isn’t Broken, Should We Fix it Until it is?

There have long been warnings that tough anti-piracy measures will eventually 'break the Internet'. While that catastrophe is yet to happen, meddling in any piece of complex machinery is likely to lead to unexpected consequences. Like the hobbyist tuner trying to squeeze the last bit of performance out of an…

Article 13 Lobbying Efforts Clash Before Crucial Copyright Filters Vote

In two days time, a pivotal vote will take place in the European Parliament, one that could change the direction of copyright enforcement in the EU. Framed around the so-called "Value Gap", Article 13 aims to force Internet platforms to "play fair" on licensing rates with record labels. Ahead of…

EU Parliament Sends ‘Upload Filters’ Back to the Drawing Board

In a plenary vote, the European Parliament said no to the Copyright Directive mandate. This means that the controversial copyright reform proposal will be opened for debate and possible amendments. Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda describes the outcome as a "great success," noting that the protests have worked.

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