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T-Mobile Refuses to Block The Pirate Bay

The Austrian branch of T-Mobile is refusing to block access to The Pirate Bay and several other popular torrent sites. T-Mobile was asked to do so by a local music rights group, who want the ISP to voluntarily follow a court order that was issued against rival Internet provider A1.

Austrian Pirate Bay Blockade Censors Slovak Internet

Many Slovak Internet subscribers have been unable to access The Pirate Bay in recent days due to an unintended consequence of an injunction handed down in an entirely different country. An Austrian blockade of The Pirate Bay spread to Slovakia because a local ISP uses a datacenter in Vienna for…

Interview: Leader Austrian Pirate Party

Two weeks ago the Austrian Pirate Party was founded. The party has ambitious plans, and is trying to participate in the upcoming elections in October. Time to have a chat with Florian Hufsky, the captain of the "Austrian Pirates".

Austrian Pirates Separate from Communists

Austria now has its very own pirate party. Initially the communist party KPÖ presented itself as the national Pirate Party, but it appeared that not all pirates wanted to be associated with the communist ideals. The Austrian Pirate Party is planning to participate in Austria’s national elections this October and…

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