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Wikileaks ISP Anonymizes All Customer Traffic To Beat Spying

In order to neutralize Sweden's incoming implementation of the European Data Retention Directive, Bahnhof, the Swedish ISP and host of Wikileaks, will run all customer traffic through an encrypted VPN service. Since not even Bahnhof will be able to see what its customers are doing, logging their activities will be…

ISP Provides Free VPN to Protect Customer Privacy

A leading Swedish Internet service provider is taking a novel approach to protect customer privacy. Faced with a legal requirement to log subscriber activities, from next week ISP Bahnhof will give all of its customers a free, no-logging VPN service.

ISP Boss Criticizes Calls to Criminalize File-Sharers

The boss of a prominent ISP in Sweden has criticized moves by the government which could criminalize hundreds of thousands of Internet users. Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung says the country is stuck in the past when it calls for harsher punishments for file-sharing and should instead concentrate on developing better…

ISP: We’re Not The Internet Piracy Police

Copyright holders in Sweden are pushing for tougher measures against online piracy, claiming that Internet providers generate hundreds of millions in profit from infringement. Local ISP Bahnhof rejects the claims as "pure nonsense" and says that they are not going to adopt the role of piracy police.

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