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Belgian ISPs Quietly Expand Torrent Site Blockade

Belgian ISPs have expanded their torrent site blockade with the addition of several new domains, including Kat.ph, ExtraTorrent, BitSnoop and H33T. The new blockade went into effect a few days ago but has yet to be confirmed through official channels. People who visit the domains in question get a notice…

Court Orders ISPs to Police the Internet for Pirate Bay Proxies

The Supreme Court of Belgium has ordered local Internet providers to proactively search for Pirate Bay proxies, and block subscribers' access to these sites. The order is one of the most far-reaching decisions when it comes to website blocking based on copyright infringement grounds. A spokesperson for Belgacom, one of…

Dad Faces Massive Fine for Pirating Bambi, Lion King, and More

A Belgian man risks a fine of 37,714 euros ($52,550) for sharing movies, music and games on a forum. The 39-year-old shared several Disney classics including Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King for his kids, and claims he saw no harm in his activities.

The Pirate Bay Adds Domain to Bypass Court Order

Showing how futile Internet censorship can be, The Pirate Bay has registered a new domain name to allow Belgian users to access the site and bypass a recent court order. For just a few dollars, The Pirate Bay should now be fully accessible in the future, and the site has…

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