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RIAA: Bitcoin Makes it Hard to Track or Seize Pirate Bay Donations

The RIAA alerted the U.S. Government to several notorious pirate websites this week, including The Pirate Bay. While the inclusion of the infamous torrent site doesn't come as a surprise, the RIAA did raise a novel issue. The music labels point out that The Pirate Bay has embraced the cryptocurrency…

Bitcoin Bounties Aim to Turn Pirates Into Snitches

Due to its decentralized nature, Bitcoin has often been mentioned in the same breath as BitTorrent in recent years. Now, a solution being touted by a technology company sees the virtual currency being used to track movie and music leaks by turning pirates into paid snitches.

BitTorrent Client Devs Work on Bitcoin Integration

The people behind FrostWire are working hard to implement Bitcoin support in their BitTorrent client. In addition to letting users donate to content creators and tracker owners from within the client, they are also integrating a Bitcoin wallet into the BitTorrent client. The FrostWire team hopes other clients will pick…

BitFetch Debuts BitCoin-Powered Anonymous BitTorrent Downloads

A new privacy-conscious file-sharing service is aiming to bring the power of BitCoin and BitTorrent together in one neat package, with some added extras. Offering high-speed remote transfers, BitFetch keeps BitTorrent users anonymous and helps them cut through ISP-imposed throttling measures with secure HTTPs downloads. Usually powered by BitCoin, there's…

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