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Pirating Subscribers Could Cost Cox Over $200 Million

Internet provider Cox Communications is facing more than $200 million in potential damages, if a jury holds it responsible for the copyright infringements of its subscribers. According to music publisher BMG there is no doubt that Cox is responsible. After a week of trial hearings the company has asked the…

Who Stands to Win & Lose After Cox’s Piracy Defeat?

On Thursday, United States ISP Cox Communications was found liable after it failed to disconnect subscribers it knew had committed several copyright infringements. Although an appeal could be on the way, who will benefit from the ruling and how is it likely to affect the piracy landscape?

Cox Communications Sued For Not Disconnecting Pirates

Cox Communications, one of the largest telecoms companies in the U.S., is being sued by a pair of music publishers for refusing to disconnect persistent music pirates. Evidence in the case is being provided by Rightscorp, who say that ISPs lose their safe harbor protections if they fail to take…

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