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Google Chrome Dragged Into Internet Censorship Fight

Google's lawsuit against Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood is a crucial case for the future of SOPA-like Internet filters in the U.S. This week Digital Citizens Alliance, Stop Child Predators and others voiced their support for the Attorney General, suggesting that Google Chrome should be censored as well.

Chrome Extension Turns Amazon Into a Pirate eBook Site

With one of the largest eBook collections, Amazon is the place to shop for many paying readers. However, eBook pirates can now get their fix at the popular store too, via a new Chrome extension that places links to pirated copies into Amazon's pages.

Pirate Bay Branded “Malware Distributor” by Google

Users of Firefox and Chrome may have a little difficulty access some pages on the Pirate Bay, or indeed any other site that uses the bayimg service provided by TPB. A series of malware alerts, sent to Google, have resulted in sites being flagged by their content advisory service. If…

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