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How Much Money Can Pirate Bay Make From a Cryptocoin Miner?

In a surprise move, The Pirate Bay decided to add a cryptocurrency miner to its website last weekend. The notorious torrent site wanted to see whether this could replace the ads on the site. A controversial idea, but how much money can a site like The Pirate Bay make through…

Are Cryptocurrency Miners The Future for Pirate Sites?

Following in the footsteps of The Pirate Bay, streaming link search engine Alluc has also added a cryptocurrency miner, hoping to generate some extra revenue through its visitors. This begs the question: Are these cryptocurrency miners the future for pirate sites?

Cryptocurrency Miner Targeted by Anti-Virus and Adblock Tools

This month, The Pirate Bay successfully propelled the idea of a Javascript-based cryptocurrency miner to a mainstream public. While many sites are now experimenting with the new revenue model, possible abuse has also drawn the attention of ad-blockers and anti-virus tools. Coinhive, the company behind the miner, hopes that it…

Pirate-Friendly Coinhive’s DNS Hacked, User Hashes Stolen

Coinhive, the cryptocurrency mining service that has proven a hit with 'pirate' sites, has been hacked. After failing to update a password that was at least three years old and potentially part of an earlier breach, the platform's DNS records were manipulated, allowing hackers to "steal" hashes from Coinhive users.

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