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BREAKING: The Pirate Bay Acquires eBay

Here’s an announcement we don’t read every day. As of today The Pirate Bay is the proud owner of eBay. The torrent site plans to use eBay technology to code a better rating system for torrents. How much was paid for the auction site is still a mystery. TorrentFreak talked…

eBay vs L’Oreal Through a BitTorrent Prism

In a recent court battle, among other things L'Oreal argued that eBay could prevent the sale of counterfeit items through its site and was therefore jointly liable for offenses committed by its users. The UK High Court disagreed and ruled in eBay's favor. We take a look at the case…

Three Months On, eBay’s “Total Kodi Ban” Doesn’t Exist

Exactly three months ago, UK tabloid The Sun announced that eBay had "banned TV boxes that allow Brits to stream sports and films for free." But today, eBay still seems to be the platform of choice for box sellers, despite rightsholders having full access to takedown programs.

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