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New Anti-Piracy Coalition Calls For Canadian Website Blocking

A new coalition of Canadian companies is calling on the local telecom regulator CRTC to establish a local piracy site blocking program. The plan is the first of its kind in North America, aimed at lowering local piracy rates. Opponents, however, believe the proposal goes too far and equate it…

Bell Asks Employees to Back Pirate Site Blocking Plan

Bell, Canada's largest telecommunications company, is asking its employees to support the company's calls to have pirate sites blocked. Through an internal message, employees are encouraged to share their thoughts with the local telecom regulator CRTC, However, this effort may just backfire.

Key Internet Players Excoriate Canadian Pirate Site Blocking Plan

The Internet Society and the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) are fiercely against the Canadian pirate site blocking plan. With prominent members such as Amazon and Google, i2Coalition points out that the "internet censorship" proposal would stifle innovation and cause tremendous collateral damage.

‘Blocking Pirate Sites Through Court is Uncertain, Slow and Expensive’

Fairplay Canada sees its own site blocking proposal as the best option to counter infringing websites. In a reply response to the CRTC, the coalition argues that the 'alternative' judicial option is uncertain, costly, and will take a lot of time. The response further criticizes misleading and false comments from…

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