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Comcast Hacked in BitTorrent Throttling Payback?

It has become apparent during the last few hours that Comcast, everyone's favorite ISP (especially in the BitTorrent world) has been hacked. The message on the homepage read: "KRYOGENIKS EBK and DEFIANT RoXed COMCAST."

BitSoup Hacked Over Hurricane Fundraiser, Announces New Domain

BitSoup, one of the Internet's most established private BitTorrent trackers, has been under attack during the past two weeks. The site has been comprised and defaced, with the hackers gifting ratio credits to site users alongside unsubstantiated claims that money generated by a recent Hurricane Sandy fund-raiser might be misappropriated.…

Hackers Grab Deluge and qBitTorrent User Databases

The websites of the torrent clients Deluge and qBittorrent, as well as the torrent site SumoTorrent, have reportedly been compromised. Access to the stolen user information including emails and hashed passwords is being sold online.

Harvard Site Hacked and Leaked on BitTorrent

The Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website appears to have been the subject of a major security breach, as server backups, site databases and contact databases are leaked to BitTorrent. The 125MB file is currently being tracked by The Pirate Bay.

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