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Mac vs. PC: The Pirate Edition

The Get a Mac campaign is famous for comparing the troublesome PC with the much hipper Mac. In a series of commercials the Mac displays its superiority over the Windows based PC. Unsurprisingly, the ads never covered BitTorrent etiquette, because Windows users are better 'pirates' compared to their Mac counterparts.

But Does It Copy Macrovision, I Mean, Run Linux?

Two decades ago, old VCRs were in disproportionately high demand. Newer ones were unable to copy movies as they were distorted by a special signal. Hollywood is fighting for this war on equipment owners to carry over to general-purpose computers. Will they succeed?

uTorrent For Linux Is Coming, Finally

Five years after uTorrent was released for the Windows platform the development team has announced that it's working on a Linux version of the torrent client. The massive demand from users is cited as one of the main reasons why Linux users will have a native uTorrent application this coming…

uTorrent Linux Server Released, Client Coming Soon

Earlier this year BitTorrent Inc. promised they would release a Linux client this summer, and today they are one step closer to achieving that goal. The company just released uTorrent Server for Linux, a daemonizable 32-bit binary of the uTorrent core, suited to those familiar with running programs from the…

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