uTorrent for Linux Put On Hold

utorrent linuxLast year Linux users were teased with the upcoming release of a uTorrent desktop client.

“While the exact specs as well as the timing are still being developed, we expect uTorrent for Linux to be available for download later this summer,” a BitTorrent spokesperson told TorrentFreak June last year.

In September uTorrent Server for Linux was released, and the developers said that a desktop version would indeed follow soon.

“If you prefer to stick to more conventional user experience, rest assured we are working hard to build a full-featured client, coming soon,” VP of Product Management Simon Morris said at the time.

But summer passed and no Linux client came out…

Today more that a year has passed and Linux users are still waiting…

This week TorrentFreak decided to ask BitTorrent Inc. what is taking so long, and we were told that the company has other priorities at the moment.

A developer further said that a Linux desktop client will require a lot of additional work since the overall uTorrent client had evolved considerably since the original plan.

In other words, the project has been put on hold, and it may take a few years for it to be released, if at all.


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