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BitTorrent Only TV-Show Becomes Huge Success

Supported by many BitTorrent sites and other major players in the P2P-scene, the exclusive BitTorrent release of the first episode of Pioneer One has become a huge success. With more than a million downloads in two weeks, and over $20,000 in donations to work on future episodes, the project's success…

Massive P2P Conglomerate Backs New TV-Series

The largest P2P conglomerate ever assembled is supporting today's launch of the first episode of 'Pioneer One.' The show, made for and made possible by the P2P community, is actively promoted by uTorrent, Limewire and a variety of prominent torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and EZTV.

BitTorrent Exclusive TV-Series Writes History

To most people in the entertainment industry BitTorrent is seen as a tool to download video and music without the consent of copyright owners, but there are also many artists who see it as a vital part of their business. The BitTorrent-only TV-series Pioneer One is one of the most…

Pioneer One, A BitTorrent Exclusive TV-Series

BitTorrent has already revolutionized the TV-viewing experience for millions of people and it will soon welcome its first exclusive release. 'Pioneer One' is an upcoming sci-fi series that will premiere on BitTorrent where it will instantly have a massive audience.

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