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Australian Police Caught Pirating Movies

A recent audit of computer systems belonging to the South Australia Police has found that hundreds are being used to "share" films. In a move smacking of hypocrisy though, officers involved will not be charged.

RIAA: Lobbyists or Law Enforcers?

When a story appears in the media involving piracy, it inevitably mentions how lobby groups like the RIAA get involved in helping establish evidence. Is this really needed, or does this compromise the cases? Should representatives for the victims really be used to form the basis of a criminal case,…

OiNK Admin Charged With Conspiracy to Defraud

During October 2007, the popular BitTorrent tracker OiNK was shut down in a joint effort by Dutch and British law enforcement. Today, OiNK admin Alan Ellis has been charged with conspiracy to defraud. Charges against four OiNK uploaders will follow later today.

What is this Bodström society thing anyway?

One thing that has emerged as a concept in the Swedish blogosphere over the last two years is the Bodström society. It obviously derives from the Swedish justice minister Thomas Bodström. The term relates to a society that is going in an Orwellian direction towards more and more monitoring of…

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