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Search Engines Will Open Systems to Prove Piracy & VPN Blocking

Leading Russian search engines have met with local telecoms watchdog Rozcomnadzor to work out how the services will stop pirate sites, mirrors, VPNs, and other anonymization tools from appearing in search results. Search engines will now receive lists of banned resources automatically and will mesh their IT systems with the…

Russian Site-Blocking Chiefs Under Investigation For Fraud

A scandal is emerging in Russia after several officials of Russian site-blocking body Rozcomnadzor were charged with fraud. Those arrested include the watchdog's spokesman and top lawyer, both of whom have been placed under house arrest. It's alleged that the telecoms authority 'employed' ghost staff whose salaries were actually paid…

Russia Plans Instant Movie Pirate Site Blockades, Without Court Order

The Russian Ministry of Culture has tabled a new proposal that will allow filmmakers to have pirate sites blocked within 24 hours, without a court order. Officials say that new measures are needed to better protect the revenues of the local movie industry. Interestingly, the plan applies only to local…

Google Wipes 786 Pirate Sites From Search Results

Google and several leading Russian search engines have completely wiped 786 'pirate' sites from their search results. That's according to telecoms watch Rozcomnadzor, which reports that the search providers delisted the sites after ISPs were ordered by a Moscow court to permanently block them.

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