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Russia Orders Public Tracker to Block Itself, Site Refuses

A popular stand-alone public BitTorrent tracker has effectively been ordered to block itself by Russia's telecoms watchdog. In a complaint, Rozcomnadzor orders the site to take action against its main URL, but the site neither carries nor curates any infringing content and has no mechanism to take hashes down.

Russia VPN Blocking Law Failing? No Provider Told To Block Any Site

In 2017, Russia introduced tough new legislation that compels VPN providers to restrict access to sites blocked by regular ISPs or get blocked themselves. Now, several months on, not a single VPN provider has had any action taken against them, despite an estimated 25% of local Internet users using such…

Kids Shouldn’t Use the Internet, Russia’s Site-Blocking Chief Says

The head of Rozcomnadzor, the body that oversees website-blocking in Russia, made a shocking statement this week. According to Alexander Zharov, children under ten years of age shouldn't use the Internet, and there's "nothing good" about a three-year-old who uses a tablet to watch cartoons.

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