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‘Torrent’ Becomes A Dirty Word As Site Admin Fined $29,000

A French Court of Appeal has just upheld the sentencing of an administrator of two BitTorrent-related sites. Despite no evidence being presented that money was made from the sites through advertising as claimed - or even that any infringements had occurred - the admin now faces a $29,000 payout. Bizarrely,…

Police Raid Usenet Service, Arrest Operator, Seize Data

A France-based Usenet provider says that his service has been raided and shutdown by the police. The 5,000 user 'Newsoo' service appears to have been a labor of love for its owner, but all data is now in the hands of authorities after he was arrested. A long-standing complaint by…

SACEM Provides Details on Recent Torrent Site Raids in France

In recent weeks, French police targeted two huge pirate sites, What.cd followed by the even larger Zone-Telechargement. In an interview, the general secretary of anti-piracy outfit SACEM reveals further information about the latter, including arrests, seizure of overseas servers, real estate, and luxury cars.

TV Giant Canal Plus Decides to Stop Paying Artists & Creators, Gets Sued

TV giant Canal Plus has stopped paying artists and creators for content aired on its network. The pay TV provider has run up bills of tens of millions of euros with groups including SACEM, the anti-piracy outfit behind the closure of several torrent sites. The dispute has now boiled over,…

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