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Leaked Oscar Movie Screeners Flood Torrent Sites

An unprecedented fast flood of leaked 'screener' copies of movies has hit torrent sites ahead of the official Oscar nominations announcement later this month. The latest Hobbit installment is proving most popular with over 500K downloads in the first 24 hours. None of the movies comes from a traditional 'scene'…

How The FBI Caught an Actor Uploading Movie Screeners To Pirate Bay

In April 2011, the FBI raided the apartment of a Screen Actor’s Guild member suspected of uploading several pre-release screeners of Hollywood blockbusters to The Pirate Bay. The man, an actor, has now agreed to plead guilty and potentially faces three years in prison. There were claims he could've been…

Movie Industry: DRM Is For Customers, Not For Members

A DVD-player that has been designed to prevent DVD-screeners from leaking to the public will be phased out because industry insiders say the DRM hurts their viewing pleasure. It seems that DRM is fine when it's annoying the public but unacceptable when it's affecting them.

FBI Investigates Hollywood Ties to Pirated ‘Hateful Eight’ Screener

The pirated screener of Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" has been traced back to a copy sent to a top Hollywood executive. The FBI is currently investigating the breach, which is part of series of leaked screeners that appeared online in recent days. Meanwhile, The Hateful Eight has been shared more…

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