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Anti-Piracy Boss Confiscates Confiscated Hacker Laptop

Tim Kuik, managing director of Dutch anti-piracy gang BREIN, has publicly admitted that he's currently using a Sony VAIO laptop previously confiscated from a 'hacker'. Although he doesn't elaborate on how he obtained the machine, it is hard not to conclude that it has been misappropriated.

BREIN Tracks Down and Serves Pirate Bay Founder, On Film

Last month the Amsterdam Court confirmed an earlier judgment and ordered The Pirate Bay to cease all of their activities in The Netherlands. Despite denials of current connections to the site, the founders face penalties of 50,000 euros per day for non-compliance. Today BREIN boss Tim Kuik physically tracked down…

Pirate Bay Founders Sue BREIN for Slander and Abuse

This Tuesday Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN took The Pirate Bay's co-founders and spokesman to court in The Netherlands, aiming to close the site down to Dutch visitors. Now, three days later the three are striking back, suing the head of BREIN for defamation in Sweden and asking the Dutch court…

Pirate Bay and BREIN Clash at Hacker Conference

Tim Kuik, head of Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN, had a brief encounter with Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm (Anakata) on Friday. The two met at Hacking at Random, an outdoor hacker conference that currently takes place in The Netherlands, where Kuik took part in one of the panel discussions.

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