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Usniff, Torrent Search Made Easy

BitTorrent's popularity is increasing with new sites seemingly launched every day. Usniff is one such site, offering a fast real-time torrent search engine where users can search four of the most popular BitTorrent sites.

Real-Time BitTorrent Search Engines Expand

'Real-Time' BitTorrent search engines are the trend of 2008, and new sites emerge every other week. It all started in January with the launch of YouTorrent, but soon after it went legal, other sites took over. We catch up with the founder of one of YouTorrent's successors to find out…

KickassTorrents Reveals BitTorrent Search Trends

The up and coming torrent indexer KickassTorrents has launched a new search trends feature. Users can use it to browse through the most popular search phrases for any given day or month to find out what's wanted by other BitTorrent users. Some interesting trends and old habits are revealed by…

Google Powered BitTorrent Seach Engines

Running a BitTorrent site can be quite costly. Most of the larger sites need over a dozen servers to keep everything running smoothly. There are some scalable alternatives for BitTorrent startups though. Two relatively unknown meta-search engines have taken a different route by using Google's App Engine, which provides optimal…

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