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Demonoid Tracker Is Back, Will the Site be Next?

It has been three months since the popular (semi)private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid went offline. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about its future, and many feared that the site would never return. Totally out of the blue, however, the tracker is now responding again.

Netkups: World’s First BitTorrent / Cyberlocker Hybrid?

Traditionally, BitTorrent and cyberlockers are generally seen as two entirely different file-sharing platforms, but the newly launched Netkups shows that this doesn't have to be the case. In fact, supporting both direct downloads and torrents can have benefits for both site operators and users, the founders claim.

Mininova Gets a Redesign

Mininova is currently working on a redesign. The new design aims to make the BitTorrent site more user friendly and to implement some new features. The new design is not complete yet, but a Beta version is up and running. The new features include: More “general info” about the torrents…

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