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Twitter Blocks Kickass.to Links, Says They’re Unsafe

Twitter is refusing to link users to Kickass.to, the second largest torrent index on the Internet. People who attempt to access the site through Twitter get a warning that the site may be unsafe and potentially harmful. Questions to Twitter about the reason for this unusual blockade remain unanswered.

Miramax Rewards Would-Be BitTorrent Pirate With Free Ticket

It's normal for BitTorrent users to be a tiny bit paranoid, since their activities aren't always popular with everyone. But imagine musing via Twitter that your favorite movie isn't on torrent sites yet and the next thing you know the studio is in direct contact with you, asking you not…

Kiwi MP Called Out As Pirate After Passing Anti-Piracy Law

In a beautiful twist of irony, New Zealand parliament member Melissa Lee has been caught in a copyright quagmire. It turns out that just hours before she spoke out in support of the controversial new copyright law being rushed through parliament, she tweeted how pleased she was with a compilation…

Is Copyright Only For the Big Guys?

Over the last two weeks, two interesting copyright-related stories have appeared in online news reports. Both involve big media companies and small users, but not in the way we usually expect. In both instances, the large media companies “pirated” content instead of the users, and they seem to get away…

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