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Will Internet Services Block Europeans to Avoid “Upload Filters”?

The EU's plans to modernize copyright law in Europe are moving forward, including the controversial Article 13. While supporters and opponents remain diametrically opposed, we take a look ahead. If Article 13 is implemented, will large websites block European visitors fearing potential liability for pirated content?

EFF Recommends Measures to Limit Abuse of EU’s Proposed “Upload Filters”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sent several recommendations to the EU bodies negotiating copyright reform proposals. If there is no way to stop the EU's controversial 'upload filters' from being implemented, the group suggest to at least add measures to prevent abuse, including repercussions for false and abusive takedown requests.

Major Rightsholders Are Not Happy With Article 13 Either

Several prominent representatives of the audiovisual and sports sectors, including the MPA and the Premier League, are not pleased with the current Article 13 proposals. Their objections don't concern the possibility of upload filters, but with potential new liability shields for large Internet services, which they say will only gain…

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