The Pirate Bay’s Torrents Quadruple in a Year

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Like most other BitTorrent sites, The Pirate Bay has grown explosively over the last year. They are now tracking 500.000 .torrent files and almost 5 million peers, what makes them by far the most popular BitTorrent tracker. In comparison, a year ago they tracked only 125.000 torrents.

the party bay

To celebrate this great accomplishment, the Pirate Bay crew decided to give the Swedish King a diploma. “The diploma is a congratulatory diploma about our joint efforts in making Sweden famous globally when it comes to technology and culture”, writes Brokep on the Pirate Bay blog.

Make no mistake, King Carl XVI Gustaf really deserves it. A few weeks ago the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) published a report in which Sweden was placed on their piracy watch list. The IIPA considers Sweden to be a save haven for pirates. The Pirate bay is also mentioned in the report, hate that The Pirate Bay admins “proudly flaunt their role in facilitating infringements, often taking pot shots at rights holders from whom they receive notices of infringing activity”.

It’s worth celebrating.


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