Thomas Seeks New Lawyer to Appeal the RIAA

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Things seem to be going from bad to worse, for Minnesota's Jammie Thomas. After incurring a hefty judgment in the October trial vs the RIAA, she is now having to look for new representation.

Jammie Thomas Campaign logoThomas, served with a $222,000 judgment in October 2007 has recently published to her website,, that her existing lawyers, Brian Toder, and associates, will not be working on her appeal.

Some may see that as a mixed blessing. Toder, a maritime law specialist, was hardly the most appropriate choice of counsel, and this showed in a frankly lackluster non-existent defense.

Ms. Thomas explained to TorrentFreak why she initially chose Toder for the case “I had no idea who could represent me for my case and Mr. Toder was listed on another attorney’s weblog, Mr. Ray Beckerman, as being the attorney from Minnesota who handled cases such as mine.” she also said, “I feel Mr. Toder performed as best he could considering the financial situation I am in and how much I could afford to pay him and his firm.”

The notice on the website says that all the donations will still be used for her new defense: “She [Thomas] confirmed that the donations collected here are still going into her legal defense fund and will be used to finance her appeal. She is now in search of a capable attorney ready to take the appeal either pro bono or for what is raised through fundraising efforts.”

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