Top 10 Most Pirated Movies and TV Shows of 2007

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TV-shows are by far the most popular files on BitTorrent sites. On Mininova alone, some episodes are downloaded more than 2 million times. Movies are a good second, with over 500.000 downloads for the most popular titles.

The popularity of movies and TV-shows hasn’t gone unnoticed, with some TV-studios allegedly use BitTorrent as a marketing tool, and others leaking unaired pilots intentionally. Independent filmmakers also benefit from spreading their files on BitTorrent. It is completely free and enables them to reach a huge audience.

We made a list of the most downloaded movies and TV-shows of 2007, including the number of downloads the most popular torrents got on Mininova. Note that the actual download count is much higher since there are often more torrents for the same file, and there are more BitTorrent sites of course.

The data used for these lists is retrieved from Mininova and considered to be a representative sample.


Ranking Movie (downloads on Mininova)
1 Transformers (569.259)
2 Knocked Up (509.314)
3 Shooter (399.960)
4 Pirates Of The.Caribbean At World’s End (379.749)
5 Ratatouille (359.904)
6 300 (358.226)
7 Next (354.044)
8 Hot Fuzz (352.905)
9 The Bourne Ultimatum (336.326)
10 Zodiac (334.699)


Ranking TV-Shows (downloads most popular episode on Mininova)
1 Heroes (2.439.154)
2 Top Gear (1.217.923)
3 Battlestar Galactica (706.209)
4 Lost (705.724)
5 Prison Break (608.487)
6 Desperate Housewives (457.805)
7 24 (524.303)
8 Family Guy (522.839)
9 Dexter (435.670)
10 Scrubs (427.420)

As we have pointed out before, the entertainment industry should learn how to embrace technology and compete with piracy, instead of fighting its customers. The rise of illegal downloading is a signal that customers want something that is not available through other channels, it’s more about availability than the fact that it’s free, as illustrated by the huge number of downloads TV-shows have.


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