Torrent Site Ships Condoms To Anti-Piracy Offices

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April 1st is traditionally a day for pranks and jokes, but the Russian-led torrent site Vertor has picked this day to inform the RIAA, MPAA and various other anti-piracy outfits that their bullying tactics are not appreciated. The Vertor team has shipped condom packs with a special message to the offices of six leading anti-piracy groups.

The pressure mounting on BitTorrent sites worldwide has increased dramatically over the last year. This worsening climate can be largely attributed to a handful of entertainment lobby groups that try to shutter these sites through legal actions and political influence.

One torrent site that has been floating under the radar, relatively speaking, is now pushing back at these outfits with a rather unusual action. The Russian-based team of operators behind has sent special packages to six of the leading anti-piracy groups through which they hope to send a clear message.

The packages, containing the local brand of Vizit Overture aroma flavored condoms, are accompanied with a note that doesn’t allow for much speculation. “We wish your parents had used it,” the message reads, venting the frustration of the Vertor team and many of the site’s users.

The Note


The people behind Vertor informed TorrentFreak that their action is a joke, but one with a clear message. “I’m sure that every one of us would want to say something like this to these bloodsuckers, but not everyone has the opportunity to be heard,” an anonymous source from the Vertor team said.

The condom shipments were sent out yesterday are expected to arrive within a day at the anti-piracy offices. They are believed to be free of anthrax and other kinds of hazardous materials.

From Russia with love…

The UPS tracking numbers for the packages and scans of the shipping documents have also been posted on the Vertor blog.

Shipping Details



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