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MCM, a writer and artist from Victoria, Canada, has released the first book of his TorrentBoy series. 'TorrentBoy: Zombie World!' deals with a kid named Wesley, who's on a quest to save the world while battling zombies and giant leeches. The book can be downloaded for free.

On first sight, Wesley – the main character in the book – is not really different from the other kids in school. However, this quickly changes when the sewage treatment plant is in danger. In order to protect mankind Wesley transforms into TorrentBoy, a first class super-hero.

Wesley has a talking ‘tracker watch’ that is able to tap into the power of TorrentSphere when needed, and transform him into TorrentBoy. Together with a laser blaster-carrying, speech-impeded teddy bear named Crash, he defends the world against all evil, including giant leeches.

TorrentBoy Fights Giant Leeches


Although the book isn’t literally about BitTorrent, it is inspired by it says MCM. “The underlying concept of the TorrentSphere is that all people in the world are connected through a massive invisible network, and that the network makes us all smarter and better people.

“It’s BitTorrent philosophy, but very abstracted. Then again, TorrentBoy battles giant leeches. Take from that what you will,” the author adds.

The book is a pleasure to read, and certainly not just for kids. It has a Creative Commons license, which means that people are free to add, edit, remix and share the book for non-commercial use. In fact, the author encourages readers to do so with the TorrentBoy project that was launched in addition to the book.

With the project MCM hopes to get a swarm of people involved in the TorrentBoy series. The best ideas will get licensed, and those who help out will of course get their share of the revenue generated. All is explained in the video at the bottom of this article.

‘TorrentBoy: Zombie World!’ can be downloaded for free, but a paperback and e-book (.epub) version are also sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book stores. TorrentBoy has to be on BitTorrent of course, so we’ve uploaded a torrent to Mininova as well.


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