TorrentBoy Returns for a New BitTorrent Adventure

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The TorrentBoy book series centers around a seemingly regular school boy named Wesley, who has a secret superpower. The adventures of TorrentBoy are inspired by BitTorrent and in the latest (free) book TorrentBoy gets caught in a fight between the infamous Sweesh Pirates and the noble Protectorate Guard.

The TorrentBoy project was started earlier this year by Canadian artist and writer MCM, who has released the first chapter of the second book in the series. True to the nature of BitTorrent it has evolved into a collaborative project.

Wesley – the main character in the book – is just an average kid but this quickly changes when danger is afoot. Wesley has a talking ‘tracker watch’ that is able to tap into the power of TorrentSphere when needed, and transform him into TorrentBoy.

In the new TorrentBoy book called “Pirates Attack!” TorrentBoy and his crazy speech impeded teddy bear Crash must defend the world against all evil and save the day once again.

According to MCM, the first TorrentBoy book has been a great success, mostly thanks to the kind reception within the torrent community. “Since it appeared on TorrentFreak, it’s been downloaded tens of thousands of times, making it one of my most successful titles to date,” he told us.

“I’d also like to mention that, contrary to popular opinion, torrent fans aren’t at all averse to donating actual money to the things they enjoy. They just want to be treated with respect,” MCM adds.

TorrentBoy is Back: Pirates Attack!


The first chapter of the second book is written by Chris Keyes, who hooked up with MCM through an earlier TorrentFreak article. Together, they will release a new chapter of the latest book every week.

“We’re serializing the story, and I can guarantee it’s worth a read, for kids and adults alike,” MCM told TorrentFreak. “I didn’t intend this to be a series explicitly about BitTorrent, but if that’s where the community wants to bring it, I’m ready to roll,” MCM said.

The latest TorrentBoy chapter “Pirates Attack!” was released yesterday and a new chapter will be published every Tuesday for another 16 weeks, totally free.


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