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TorrentFreak is proud to present the first episode of 'TorrentFreak TV', a recap of some of the best, most interesting or remarkable stories from the wonderful world of BitTorrent. The show is directed by none other than Andrej Preston, who some people might remember as the founder of the legendary

torrentfreak tvThe plan is to release a new episode every other week. The episodes will be posted here on TorrentFreak, and in the near future on, with an iTunes compatible RSS feed.

We’re all very excited about this new project, and we hope to see many more episodes in the future. Below, Andrej himself (aka Sloncek) will introduce people who contributed to TorrentFreak TV.

The idea for the show came when Ernesto asked me if I was willing to produce some webisodes for him. Of course I wanted to do it, since I am trying to get an UnderGrad major in Producing. :)

The first step was to get a team together, and I knew straight ahead who I would want to be the host of it. So, I asked my friend and classmate Ashley Hardy, which did not really need to think twice about this.

Then, I needed somebody to do the introduction and graphics for the show and my good friend Micky Smeds, who is an Animation student, stepped in. He also pointed me towards the people who could create the music and soundFX needed for the show – LJUDAFABRIKEN. Just when I thought I had most of the ‘crucial’ people, I remembered I need somebody to write the script. Luckily, my friend Krista Steinberger jumped in the last second.

With the episodes I want to bring most of the TorrentFreak’s news to people who might not read it for whatever reason, or who just prefer the ‘watching’ format. The whole show is meant not to be too ‘serious’, since the things it talks about can get really dull pretty fast if said the wrong way.

Like every pilot, this one has many mistakes. We learned a lot from it, but still it would be great if the viewers could send us an email and tell us what exactly is interesting to them and so on, so that we can be better with every episode.

The episode can be downloaded from Mininova as well. For tips, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact the crew at [email protected].


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