Tribler will integrate Youtube into their BitTorrent client

Tribler, the “social” BitTorrent client has just released a new version. The recommendation function has been optimized, along with other bugfixes and improvements.

tribler BitTorrentTribler is far from anonymous, and therefore probably not suited for sharing content you’re not supposed to share. However, the social aspect of Tribler has the potential to be helpful to sites like youtube, by saving them some bandwidth.

According to a Wall Street Journal article posted today, “youtube uses 45 terabytes of storage and requiring several million dollars worth of bandwidth a month to transmit”. Another interesting statistic from the WSJ article is that apparently people spent 9,305 years!!! watching Youtube since it started last year.

Assistant Professor Johan Pouwelse who’s coordinating the Tribler
project the Tribler project told TorrentFreak that they are planning to index all the videos posted on youtube (+6 million). This means Tribler users will be able to watch and share youtube videos with their BitTorrent client.

A prototype of the Youtube indexing function of Tribler will be ready in a month or two, and includes an Amazon like recommendation system, and video tagging features.

Stay tuned.


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