NetEnforcer throttles encrypted BitTorrent traffic

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The traffic shaping battle continues. Allot Communications announced today that their traffic management device "NetEnforcer is able to detect, and throttle encrypted BitTorrent traffic.

Allot Communications states:

Previously, companies have been able to detect and manage applications based on the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) file transfer protocol. However, detecting encrypted BitTorrent
has been nearly impossible.

They continue:

Today, Allot is announcing that its NetEnforcer is the first broadband traffic management device to identify and help manage applications based on the encrypted BitTorrent P2P file transfer protocol.

BitTorrent traffic is consuming 40-60% of ISP’s traffic, and more and more ISP’s started to block, and or throttle BitTorrent traffic for this reason.

Earlier this year, the most popular BitTorrent clients implemented RC4 encryption, to counter this bandwith throtteling. The BitTorrent encryption seems to work pretty well, and the topic led to a heated discussion on this site.

NetEnforcer is a new weapon for the ISP’s in the battle for bandwidth. The developers of Azureus, Bitcomet and uTorrent have some work to do if NetEnforcer can live up to its expectations.


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