U.S. Prosecutor Denies Caving to Hollywood Pressure in Megaupload Case

holderEarlier this week Kim Dotcom’s lawyers released a white paper accusing the U.S. Government of corruption.

The lawyers claim that Megaupload was taken down without a legal basis to keep Hollywood happy, securing the donation stream from the major movie companies.

Talking to Radio New Zealand U.S. Attorney General now denies that the Government caved in to Hollywood pressure.

“That’s not true,” Holder said.

“I don’t want to comment on the case other than to say it was brought on the basis of the facts, on the basis of the law and it’s consistent with the enforcement priorities that this administration has had,” he added.

Despite the worries that the case against Megaupload may fall apart, Holder said he is still hopeful that Dotcom and the other defendants will be successfully prosecuted.


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